Yahoo Publisher Network Vs Google Adsense

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Yahoo Publisher Network Vs Google Adsense

I hope you know all about the Google AdSense program.

If you know the Yahoo! publisher network or just YPN is just like that. Yahoo! Publisher Network is an alternative to the Google AdSense program.

But is this really an option? Can this change the AdSense program anytime?

Well! As a publisher, you have to decide. To make it easier for you, let us compare YPN with adsense on various grounds.

We will compare and see how YPN separately from Google Adsense for various factors.

Then you can make an easy decision that is good for you. So let’s go ahead.

Who can join?

By the way, AdSense is a global program and anyone can join the program even if it is in spite of its nationalism. However YPN is for publishers from USA only.

Support for different languages

Then, the AdSense program can take the flexibility and publishers from different parts of the world. However, YPN only supports the English language and this is the limit.

Text ad format

Almost all of the YPN ad formats are taken from Adsense. However, YPN has 125 x 125 button ads that are new to AdSense and not.

Banner Ad Formats

As you know, both YPN and Google AdSense have changed their banner ad format. I think the first format was quite good. But YPN and AdSense have the same banner ad format.

Number of Image Ad Formats

You will be surprised to know that YPN image does not support ad formats. On the other hand, Google has at least 8 image ad formats.

Link advertisement

Now the link ad comes. As you know, link ads do not pay you to click, YPN does not have any link ads in the form of adsense.

AdSense for Search

Then there are no search based advertisements in YPN. Google AdSense has this feature. This is another limit of YPN.

Ad fonts and sizes

Adsense Ariel supports Times, Wardana fonts, however there is no such support in YPN. In addition, both do not support font size for a general publisher.

Alternative ad url

Google Adsense supports alternative ad url, though YPN does not.

Program Ad Targeting

You should get the most suitable ads according to the content of your website. AdSense ads are highly targeted but there are some real issues with YPN.

Ad targeting speed for a new page

For Adsense it is only 5 minutes to make a new change. However, YPN is inconsistent, sometimes it takes time to get it so fast.

Publisher Ads Targeting

It actually works for Adsense but it is bad for YPN because it supports 20 board categories.

Preview for ads

Google allows you to review ads but YPN does not.

URL Blocked

You can block or filter at least 500 URLs in Adsense though you can only 200 URLs in YPN.

Ad Blocked by Category

Yes this feature is available in AdSense but not in YPN. It is another limit of YPN.

Blocking Ads by CPM

For CPM, you can block ads in Adsense but not for YPN.

Online help for publishers

The Google Adsense program is a dedicated team to help publishers. They are ready to help you. They support YPN but it is difficult to find.

Self-clicking on ads

Google will terminate your account if you click on your ads. Google is very strict about it. On the other hand, YPN filters only those clicks but does not impose a penalty.

CTR Rate

Clicking at the rate of YPN is much less compared to the CDR or Adsense program. YPN CTR is 1/10 which is very low because in AdSense 4% to 5%.


The CPC of YPN is the best 5 to 10 cents, but the AdSense CPC is up to $ 2 and this is a big difference.

Number of Tracking Channels

This is 500 channels in Google Adsense and only 200 in YPN. This is a big difference.

Channel management

Both of them allow the channel to be deactivated, but you remove it from the YPN.

Frequency to update statistics

AdSense updates statistics related to your account every 10 minutes and it is real time. YPN takes at least half an hour.

Channel Data Update Frequency

As far as updating channel data is concerned AdSense is real time but YPN will do the next morning.


The reporting of Adsense is very detailed and strategic so you can get all kinds of information in the report. However, YPN does not present any advance reports.

Balance transfer

This is very interesting thing. In YPN, you can transfer the remaining accounts YPN to YSM account. But in AdSense you can not move an AdSense account to an AdWords account.

Contact for information

Then here YPN provides telephone support. You can call and ask if you have any doubt or not. However, AdSense does not support telephone service.

Email address

Google supports email and not YPN

See all other programs on the internet. At the closing end, I would say that Google Adsense is a king, and no one can beat it because it dominates relevant advertising.

With the above comparison, you can easily conclude that the AdSense program is better than YPN in all aspects.

This is the reason why most publishers in the United States opt for Adsense on YPN. The most important factor is CTR and CPC and both are more in Adsense so you generate more revenue.

Second, publishers outside of the United States can not think of Y

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