Why Write Product Review to Make Money?

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Why Write Product Review to Make Money?

The products produced are being used everywhere, each person uses at least some products every day, from clothing items to electronic devices to consumer electronics such as microwave ovens and LCD TVs. It includes digital gadgets, software, games, utilities, websites, services, etc. All these products are being used by consumers all over the world.

Product Review Websites
Product Review Websites

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Those who increase users with a brand or manufacturer for years. Their quality is more important and while manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their quality, they want to tell more and more people about their products.

This is where the product is reviewed. Reviewing the products helps companies promote their products and increase their reach. For this purpose, some companies allow people to write reviews of products.

Let’s see how you can write product reviews and make money.

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Why Write a Product Review?

The word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising if people are recommending enough people, then people will go for the product and if someone trusts them then they are advised, then this is most likely a yes. That companies are paying people to recommend their products to others.

Another reason companies are turning towards reviewing products, due to the spam nature of some people, people no longer trust advertisements. Product review is a definitive way of getting more customers, but for whatever reason, this is a good source of online income.

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You can start writing a product review in particular, and earn money to stay out of it!

How does it work?

You can get two basic types of product reviews. First of all, there are some revenue sharing websites that ask them to write a product review. Those reviews are published only on their website, they are articles which receive search engine traffic like blog posts.

These revenues generated from your review of these sites, you are given a share from it. There are also per-reviewed websites.

You may receive a certain amount for each review you write. These reviews will be published on the their website or they allow you to publish it on your site if it is a good traffic.

To earn money by writing a review, you can join some review websites, or you can create your own website, and write some reviews on it.

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Top 5 Reviews Websites to Join

  1. Shvoong

Shvoong accepts almost any category of products, such as gadgets, toys, travel destinations, movies, books, health products etc. This is a revenue sharing website, where you earn them through your review.

  1. ReviewStream

This is another great website, like Shvoong, it will accept reviews on any product. But this is a pay-per-review website, which means that it will initially pay you for review. This amount can be as low as 50 cents, or can be equal to $ 10 or more

  1. Ciao

Ciao is a mixture of Shvoong and ReviewStream. Initially, it gives a small amount (approximately 25 cents) for your review, but you can also earn in other ways such as someone sees your review or calls it useful, you earn some cents for each such action.

  1. SharedReview

Social networking-cum-review to find reviews for publishing products and of course a great place to write something.

  1. ePinions

Revenue sharing website works like Shvoong and Ciao.

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Review on your own website

In addition to writing reviews of other websites, you can write anything on your own website. If you do not have your own website or blog, then you should now make one. For this method, you have to write different types of reviews.

Although review websites have allowed you to review products from different brands and companies, here you have to select a particular company, and have to stick it for review. There are some web applications and services that you pay to write reviews for them after you sign up with them.

Most companies nowadays have some affiliate programs. You can also participate in the affiliate program, and can promote the product using your affiliate ads. In this way, although the company does not need to write a review, you can persuade people to buy the product through their own, so you earn some money.

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This is actually a great affiliate marketing strategy. For some affiliate programs, you also need to write a review for the product. If you want to make any sales, in any case, you have to do your homework.

Writing is not difficult at times, companies tell you what they expect from reviews, and what you should say. All information will be given to you. You need to shape that information in professional terms, and you will earn money at any time.

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