WordPress Style Comment in Blogspot

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WordPress Style Comment in Blogspot

We’ve already discussed on how to embed the comment box below the blog post in the blogspot. It helps in many situations, but in many cases we remember wordpress like comment box in blogspot.

If you use CAPTCHA, you are actually making readers to stay away from your blog commentary system. An easy way to make your blog more friendly is to add some third-party comment system such as DysQues, Strong Debate and some others.

Personally I like intense debate and discus because they are used on many WordPress blogs and readers.

Obviously, when you add comments and pop up like WordPress style, adding a comment on blogspot is so easy.

However it can be easily achieved using tools such as intense debate.

The best part of the strong debate is that it is rich, like

  1. Ratings
  2. Email Notification
  3. Comment profile
  4. Blacklisting

And this is not everything, with the intense debate comment system on your blogspot blog, you will find many other features.

This is better by using the default blogspot comment box and besides it it’s free.

Although some of it are negative.

  1. This blog will increase loading time
  2. When you try to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress, you will not be able to import your comments.

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