What are the Blogging Tools for Better Blog?

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What are the Blogging Tools for Better Blog?

If you want to write excellent blog articles to your blog then it is necessary that the blogger’s platform should be well equipped with everything you need to start blogging.

Internet Marketing Means Affilaite Program
Internet Marketing Means Affilaite Program

If you want to give a personal style to your blog then it is very important that it should be very easy to use and basic layout and templates should be fit to your personal style.

But, there are no more stylish templates to professional blog. If so there are some important features that you can incorporate into your blog to give it personal touch make it easier to your readers to follow you, to help your readers on your blog longer.

Here I will discuss you some free tools that are recommended and come in handy when you just starting out with your blog. These blogging tools may help you to spice up your blog, enhance your blog and keep your blog readers interested.

  1. Add Free Sharing Tools – Add free sharing tools, social bookmarking buttons from facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Social Plugins. You may put a button that your readers can click on to recommend your blog. ** Read Also – How to Write Amazing Contents to Your Blog?
  2. Link within Posts – Another free blogging tool is known as Link within. This is free toll that link related posts in the form of thumbnail beneath your posts for your readers to see and click.
  3. Live Widget Box From Twitter – Twitter Blog roll is the live widget box from twitter that you can embed on your blog or website that will show your readers to your blog and most current tweets in real time. ** Read Also – How to Track Visitors by Google Analytics?
  4. Free Beautiful Templates – There are many templates on the internet those are free as well as very beautiful to see to your readers. Some of them are –Louise Franks Design, Blogholic Design, Inventing Inspiration, Ray’s Creation. You can download and upload to blogger to give your blog a whole new look and feel.
  5.  Use Free Newsletter – For getting more traffic to your blog, you should use free newsletter. With the help of newsletter you may get genuine readers. Mailchimp is one favorite to use at the moment. ** Read Also – How to Get Presence to Your New Website on Search Engine?
  6. Use Free Stat Counter – Stat’s Counter is a free service that will tell you how many visitors you had to your blog, where they come from, Keywords etc.
  7. Back Up Service – This is free back up service, there is nothing to download, easy to get started and works over any computer.

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