What are the Benefits of Cash on Delivery (COD) When Shopping Online?

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What are the Benefits of Cash on Delivery (COD) When Shopping Online?

Most of the things in our house come through online shopping. There is no need to walk into a mall or a shop for buying an item. Now, Internet has changed the way of shopping.

There are some payment options when you shop online-

  1. Credit card,
  2. Debit card,
  3. Net banking,
  4. Check,
  5. Demand draft and
  6. COD etc.

But you know that which the best payment option for online shopping is? Obiviously,  COD or cash on delivery is the best option when it comes to paying money for a product you buy.

Cash On Delivery-COD
Cash On Delivery-COD

Now, it the time to tell that what are the benefits of COD Payment System –

1.       Transaction is Hassle Free

2.      Trust

3.      Safety from Frauds

4.      Cheaper Rates

5.      Return the Product and Get Money Back

Transaction is Hassle Free

You pay only when you receive the product at your doorstep. The transaction is very hassle free. You just have to give cash and take your product. If you pay using your credit card and forget to pay your credit card payment on time then bank may charge a heavy late fee. This makes COD option the best one compared to others.


You can trust the company because you are paying after your receive the product at your doorstep. The great thing about COD is trust. It is very safe and there is no question of any fraud or loss of your money.

The online shopping websites in India like Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra etc offer you cash on delivery which is very good.

Safety from Frauds

You need to be very careful while using your credit card or net banking online. However, with COD you don’t have to bother about credit cards. Online shopping could be very dangerous because when you pay online through your credit card. There is equal risk in net banking. COD is very safe.

Cheaper Rates

Shipping charges are free. Cash on delivery transaction methods is very cheap. Hence you pay for the product only. But, if you had to pay by other means like credit card transaction or other then there is extra charge to pay.

Return the Product and Get Money Back

You may open the courier and check your product. So if you check and don’t like a product then you could return the product and get your money back the very moment you bought the product.

This makes COD really great compared to other paying methods. Since, in COD there is no extra charge.

These are the some importan advantages of cash on delivery method.

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