Web Directory for Web Master Tools and Web Master Resources

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Web Directory for Web Master Tools and Web Master Resources

Web Master Tools

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools – This checklist helps you get started with the main functions inBing Webmaster Tools, including verification and adding a sitemap.
  2. Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools(also called Google Search Console) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters.

    Google Web Master Tools
    Google Web Master Tools

Web Master Resources

  1. Bing Web master Center Blog – Submit the URL of your site toBing and sign up for Webmaster Tools to learn if your site has been indexed and is getting traffic from Bing.
  2. Google Developers – TheGoogle Developers channel, offers lessons, talks, the latest news & best practices.
  3. Google SEO Guide – OurSearch Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing.
  4. Google Webmaster Blog – The official weblog on Google crawling and indexing, and on webmaster tools, including the Sitemaps facility.
  5. Google Webmaster Videos – Welcome to the official YouTube channel forGoogle Webmasters, where you can find information and tools to help you understand.
  6. Nettuts Smashing Magazines – If you’re looking to learn more about creating your own magazine themes, NETTUTS is the best resource available.

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