Web Directory for Cost Per Click Affiliate Programs

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Web Directory for Cost Per Click Affiliate Programs

Cost Per Click (CPC)

  1. Bidvertiser
  2. Chitika
  3. Clicksor
  4. Google Adsense
  5. Infolinks

Bidvertiser – Pay per click advertising – online advertising directly on sites of your choice, internet marketing solution for online advertisers. Webmasters make money online . Bidvertiser is a pay per click company and was launched in 2003 by Bpath; Ltd.Bidvertiser’s business model is to auction your ad space to advertisers and sell it . Bidvertiser is another advertising agency that is a great option for those who have been banned from adsense.

ChitikaChitika, Inc. (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) is a search-targeted advertising company. It is located in Westborough, Massachusetts, USA. Chitika does not collect any personally identifying user-level information. Chitikacollects information about consumers’ activities on certain websites.

ClicksorClicksor is an online contextual advertising network based in North York, Ontario. The network is launched by its mother company Yesup Media Inc. Promote your business with today’s most effective contextual online advertising and re-targeting technology and behavioral Marketing Services at a cost effective.

Clicksor-Deliver Your Ads to Right People
Clicksor-Deliver Your Ads to Right People

Google Adsense Google AdSense is an easy way to earn money from your online content. Simply display relevant and engaging ads on your website, mobile sites, videos. With  Google AdSense, you can earn money from your online content. … Sign in to continue to AdSense. Enter your … One Google Account for everything Google.

Infolinks – “Infolinks provides us with a stable revenue source, reliable technology, fantastic account management and most importantly, a positive user experience.”. Infolinks is an online advertising platform which offers advertising products for publishers, advertisers and brands. Infolinks is an in-text ad network and offers various other ad types. Now you can take your Infolinks account in real time everywhere you go. With this fast and secure application, you can conveniently track your payments.

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