Uninstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slow Problems

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Uninstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slow Problems

My blog was consistently down 2 days ago and I was experiencing a problem of blog recession. I was cursing my web hosting company and was planning to switch it. Maybe I did this, but after a lot of research I came to know that this problem was not with my hosting and it was due to WordPress.

Uninstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slow Problems
Uninstall WordPress Plugins to Fix WordPress Slow Problems

How many WordPress plugins did we discuss a few days ago should we use it? And I explained why it is important to uninstall unnecessary plugins that the issue of wordpress slowdown is due to hosting, plugins or your database.

We have some great hosting companies for hosting, one of the recommended by WordPress is Dreamhost, which I recommend for my readers.

WordPress is great memory hogging software when you use it with lots of plugins There are many settings under admin panel, which you need to review to keep your database clean and tidy. Most WordPress blogs are hosted on shared hosting and shared hosting is a downside to sharing in which there is a limit on memory and process, when the user receives such an error, then most of them switch to the new hosting company A good way can be found, but there is no solution to a new hosting company, because your database and plugin will be the same, and the sooner Received since you will face similar problems. Better performance is your WordPress customization for better performance.

If you are using too many plugins, then I suggest you try the P3 Profiler plugin, which will help you benchmark all installed WordPress plugins and see which plugin your blog is slowing down.

Now there are thousands of plugins for wordpress plugin, every plugin adds extra functionality to your wordpress platform, even if you use a lot of plugins, you can overload your WordPress database and slow down your blog or make it Can cause internal server errors. The best performance will reduce your plugin as much as you can. Also, when you uninstall a plugin, be sure to use the clean option plugin to remove all unnecessary tables created by that plugin.

For example, if you use the WordPress Stats plugin, instead of using it, use the site meter or Google analytic. There are many plug-ins plugins in this way, which can not be as easy as sound, so instead of slowing down your blog, it is better to uninstall and remove it from the database. Here’s a list of plugins that I recommend:

There will be a small number of blogs for your blog’s fastness.

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