Top Tips to get More Traffic and Increase Conversion Rate

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Every blogger wants to increase her/his traffic for his/her blog and also want to increase the sales on her/his blog. Since it is easy to get more traffic but you know that it is some hard that how to get more sales. Here I will tell you about the get more traffic to your blog and same time I will tell you that how will you convert your traffic into the sales so that you can make huge money from your blog. There are many ways to increase the traffic but main thing is that how we can increase our conversion rate.

  • Use Easy Wins – Are you know that what is easy wins? Easy wins should be keywords that you can move onto the first page of Google in the shortest time possible. Easy wins will ensure you aren’t wasting time on keywords that might not convert. If you want to know about the easy wins than you want to do the proper keyword research using something like Google’s adwords tool to see what people are actually searching for around your niche and then figure out where you are currently ranking within Google for that term. If your website’s rank is between 11 to 60 than you may know that it is easy win. The idea is clear that you are targeting specific keywords that are easy picking as opposed to targeting keywords that might take a bigger investment to rank. For this you have to improve some on-Page elements like copy, URL structure or Meta Description or Meta Data.


  • Know About Your Referrals – This is main part of getting more sales that which type of your referrals are. If you referrals are more relevant to your blog or website then your conversion rate will be increase and you will get more revenue from those sales. You should write your article so that the referral will follow your guides and believe in your recommendations. These will yield the best results in the long run but they will also generate fantastic referral traffic – the more relevant to your site they are.


  • Choose the Top Performers – You have to choose the best performers which perform better. For this you have to go to product performance with your analytics and see here that which keywords are performing better and driving more sales. With the use of top performer you will get more sales. This is very safe to increase your sales if you will use top converting keywords in your articles or on your blog.

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