Top Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

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Are you know that what is Website flipping and Domain Flipping?


Website Flipping– This is the business where someone create a website and sell to make money.


Domain Flipping – Here someone buy exclusive domain names and sell them at highly price through Private sale or by website. This is very good and cool business where you can make good money by trading for domain name. Here I will tell you the most expensive domain names ever sold. These domains names have single word and it is the highly searched words and one thing to notice is that all are .com domains.


Top Most Expensive Domain Names-

1. – It was sold for mind blowing price of $16 millions.
2. – This is highly searched word on the internet. This domain is sold for about $13 millions.
3. – This domain is sold for price of $9,999,950. This is sold in 2008.
4. – This domain is sold for price of $9,500,000 in the year of 2007.
5. – This domain is sold for $8.5 million.
6. – This is sold for $7,500,000 in the year of 1999.
7. – This domain is sold for $7,500,000.
8. – was sold at a price of $7,000,000.
9. – This domain is sold for $5,500,000.
10. – This domain is sold for $5,100,000.
11. – This domain is sold for $5,000,000.
12. – This is sold for $5,000,000.



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