Top Alternatives of Google Reader

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Google Reader is now shutting down day by day and now we have to move our existing RSS Subscriptions to another Feed Readers. There are some alternatives of Google Reader.


There are many products of Google those are shutting down. They are not earning more revenue for Google. These types of products are as under-

 1.      Notebook – The Clipping Tool

2.      Picnic – The Image Editor

3.      Google Desktop – The Offline Search Software

4.      Listen – The Podcast Client

5.      Google Apps – The Free Edition

6.      Google SMS Channels

7.      iGoogle – The Personalized Start Page

8.      Google Reader – The Web based RSS Newsreader


As we know that Google is work for profit, not for loss. When some projects of Google not get profit then it will not good to Google and Google will drop these projects in a bucket. 



However, this is not good for the small business or bloggers that Google reader will shut and this will affect the traffic of the many blogs. 


Since the Google Reader has earned more revenue over the decade and the most of the bloggers has used the Google Reader to subscribe to the RSS Feed. But now the Google reader is shutting down then we have to search any new options or alternatives of Google Reader so that our RSS Feed will not lose.


What are the Alternatives of Google Reader?


Since, now the Google Reader is shutting down then we have to search new RSS Feed for our blog or business. There are some good options or alternatives, you may use for this purpose.

 1.      Feedspot – This is the very Reader-Esque 

2.      Bloglines – This is also good for blogs.

3.      Feedly – This is available as a web app, apps for iOS and Android.

4.      Old Reader – This is a minimalistic.

5.      NewsBlur – This is for Open Source.




Since the Google Reader was good RSS Feed platform and now we have to choose different RSS Reading apps for different devices.

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