Top 25 Google Revenue Sharing Websites

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Since the Google Adsense is the greatest way of making money from the PPC Program.

PPC means Pay Per Click Program this means when somebody click on your google adsense then you will receive some amount.

One another way of making money from google adsense is google adsense revenue sharing.

There are many websites on the Internet which are provide the revenue sharing model by which you may make money from their website and some amount of earning will go to the websites.

1. – You may get 60% of revenue sharing.

2. – This site will give you 100% of revenue for the first 60 Days.

3. – This site give you 75% revenue sharing.

4. – You may get 50% of revenue from your articles.

5. – This is a free blog, you may earn 100% of revenue from your articles.

6. – You may 50% of revenue from your articles.

7. – This is a free WordPress hosted blog that offers 75% of Adsense revenue.

8. – You may recieve 100% of revenue from your articles.

9. – You may get 50% of the total revenue from your articles.

10. – Here You may recieve 100% of revenue from your articles.

11. – You may submit some articles and you may get backlinks from this website.

12. – You may get 50% revenue sharing.

13. – This is a multi authour website here you may earn from your articles.

14. – You may earn 100% of ad revenue with a payment of one-time fee of $5 to join.

15. – You may get 50% of the revenue generated from your articles.

16. – You may get 90% of the revenue generated by your articles.

17. – 70% of earning, you will get from your articles.

18. – This website is pays highest for your articles. You may write on any topic and may earn more by revenue sharing.

19. – You will create a mini website and you will get 50% Earning.

20. – The earning depends upon the number of page views of your article.

21. – This website will give you 50% of google adsense earning.

22. – This is also very good website for revenue sharing.

23. – This website is very good becasue you may submit links of your articles or site.

24. – This is good website for revenue sharing. – When you submit your article to this website then 100% of revenue will get to you from google adsense.

26. – You may import your pre written content from other websites here. You may get good backlinks from this website.

27. – Here your page views will decide your earning.

28. – This provide you 75% of revenue sharing.


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