Top 20 Pages You Should Use on Your Blog

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Top 20 Pages You Should Use on Your Blog

Are you new to blogging and want to make a blog? But sometimes, you think about the pages include on your website or blog. I will tell you that in initial stage, you may use only few pages but later you should add more pages on your blog so that your blog should be attract more visitors and also look like a professional website.

Here I will tell you a list of pages which you should add on your blog.

 1.       Home Page

Home page on a website is a mirror of your blog. Visitors may instantly guess about the contents of your blog that what things are describing on your website.

Home Page-Yahoo Home Page
Home Page-Yahoo Home Page

Your home page should show the recent articles and most popular articles so that readers may easily find the popular and recent posts on your blog.

 2.       About Us Page 

About Us Page
About Us Page

This page is very important because everyone want to know about you that from where you belong, what is your experience, what is your qualification, what are your interests, which type of articles you write etc. People also want to know about your blogging journey and your methods used by you for making money online etc.

 3.       Contact Us Page 

Contact Us Page
Contact Us Page

Many persons want to know about you and they also want to ask some questions regarding your blog or other earning methods etc. You should use this page on your page. You should add here your social networking presence like twitter, facebook account etc.

 4.       Product List Page

You should use the lists of products so that the users may choose the interested items like electronic items, eBooks, Mobile Phones etc. If you use the product list then every type of person may purchase the items from your affiliate link. But if somebody not find the items that he/she like to buy then it will not good to you.

 5.       Comparison Page

You should use some related products list so that visitors may compare the products and they may choose the best product they want to buy from your website. If you use only some products then people may think that you are promoting these items only for money not for buyers.

 6.       RSS Feed Page

Your blog should use this feature because by this, the people may be informed easily about the new posts on your blog. There are some good website by which you may take benefit of RSS Feed. One is asd second is

 7.       Category Page

You should use this page on your blog so that readers may easily get the articles related the different category. If you use category page then if some person want to read the particular category then he/she easily may go to the interested topic.

 8.       Affiliate Page

If you have your own products to sell then you should use the affiliate program for your products so that the readers may use your products’ affiliate link on their website to make money. By this way, your products will be promoted and you will earn more from your products and your blog’s traffic will also increase.

 9.       Service Promotion Page

If you have some effective service or products then you should mention separately. Like if you have some online store to sell or you provide any training of anything then you should add these things.

 10.   Squeeze Page

This page is an important for blogging. Since a sqeeze page is the place where you will send your visitors to sign up to your mailing list. You may create a email list from this method and you will able to increase your traffic to your blog and you will make huge money by email marketing.

 11.   Subscription Page

This is good practice if you use this feature on your website. If you have many services then you should put a subscription page for all services.

 12.   Thank You Page

If anyone subscribes your website or blog by email then you should give thank to your readers so that the visitors will come again on your website so that the traffic will be increase. If the users will come again on your site then you may give the list of products and may make money more from your products.

 13.   Confirmation Page

If you use this feature then the visitors will visit again to your site so that your website will be viewed again by the visitors.

 14.   Already Subscribed Page

You should use this feature on your website. You should make a Already Subscribed List so that you can remind the visitors that you are already subscribed.

 15.   Advertising Space Page

If you want to make money from your site then you should provide some space for advertising. By this way you can make money more from your website.

 16.   Earning Disclaimer

Many people make huge money from their blog or website and some are not able to make more money from their website. Many people want to show their earnings to the users but this is not good practice. If you want to avoid legal issues then you should use earning disclaimer page.

 17.   FAQ Page

There are many questions those are very similar for any users and frequently asked by the users then you should add a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Page on your site so that the users will find their solution about any problem regarding your blog. 

FAQ Page
FAQ Page

 18.   404 Page

This is a page known as 404 page, that displays when your website’s link is broken. You may also create your own customized 404 page and put an another link of your other website or posts so that the visitors will not leave your blog. 

404 Page
404 Page

 19.   Sitemap Page

If you use the sitemap page on your website then it is good to you to get traffic from the Search Engines, Since the Search Engines crawl your website by sitemap or keywords used by you on your website. It is also useful for improving page rank of your website. This is also useful to the visitors to show whole article links at one place.

 20.   Interview Page

To add an Interview page on your website may good for convert traffic from other websites. If you put an interview of any other website owner then the traffic will come from his/her website to your website. This is good practice to exchange the traffic.


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