Top 20 Online Shopping Sites in India

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Top 20 Online Shopping Sites in India

Online shopping has become a way of life in India. Now, people of the whole country want to shop online instead of going to their local market. In the last 5 years, many websites have come to the internet, but only a few of them can continue.

If you want to shop online, then I recommend the top 20 shopping sites in India which are very popular among consumers. I had the experience to go and buy from all the 20 shopping sites listed below. According to my personal experience, you can count on them and buy whatever you want. The interface is easy to use, where a product and online transaction is very easy. They are the following

  1. Indiatimes Shopping

The most popular website to go shopping is Indiatimes Shopping. This site is a place junction where you can buy almost everything. I personally bought clothes, shoes and jewelry from here and got satisfied with their service. Alexa Rank 9 in India

  1. Flipkart

In the last few years Flipkart has emerged as the second largest shopping site in India. I have used Flipkart to buy some things like some clocks and cameras. There are several ways to make payments on this website. One of the most widely used method is COD (cash on delivery) where you can make a payment at the time of delivery. But this is not limited to Flipkart only. Now one day all companies provide COD facility. Apart from this, the Flipkart user interface is also good because it makes choosing products easy.

  1. eBay India

As we all know that eBay India is not an Indian company but still very popular in India because it is the third most preferred site for shopping. Before this, it was known as, but eBay gave the money to Baji. 200 crore in 2004, its name changed to I had a very good experience as a salesman at Baji and I, there was a salesman for about 2 years, but after the acquisition of Baji, I went to my new business. Products that offer Internet marketing eBay are tremendous. You can go to the website and you can choose almost anything eBay has a very good buyer security policy. If you have a problem of 1% in the product, then you can ask for a refund and you will get your money in 2-4 days. Alexa rank in India is 27.

  1. Snapdeal

This online mall is really good for luggage with perfumes such as jewelry, jewelry and other accessories. I used Snapdeal Coupons to eat at my favorite restaurant. This is the fourth popular website in India and is growing very fast. According to me, this site is good for getting coupons for restaurants and other food joints. Alexa rank in India is 42


  1. Myntra

Men’s targets are mainly garment which are casual and formal. This site is especially good for men’s and women’s clothing. Although it provides for children but people like to buy for adults only. Shipping is also good but it can be much better. I used to buy this website only once, Alexa rank 49 in India

  1. Sulekha

If you are looking to buy property in your city then Sulekha is also a good shopping site. Buying, selling and renting properties can be easily done in Sülekehä. It offers other services like mobile, health, travel and education, but if you are looking for buying and selling property then go to this site, Alexa Rank is 52 in India.

  1. Tradus

Tradus is also a great site to shop if you want to buy stuff like clothes, shoes, mobile. If you want you can sell some items too. Alexa rank in India is 64

  1. HomeShop 18

You must have seen Homeshop18’s Infosystem on your television set. Actually, HomeShop 18 is a great site if you want to buy home appliances such as mixers, grinders, ovens, refrigerators, ACs etc. This is the perfect site for these products. Prices are very low compared to your local shop. So you can buy home appliances from this site. Alexa rank in India is 71

  1. Shopclues

ShopClaus also offers a wide range of products. If you learn from my experience then the site is good for those products which are of lesser value. Do not go for highly valuable products. Alexa Rank is 93 in India.

  1. Yebhi

Isbari is a great site for costumes. You can choose apparel from a wide range of brands. You can also see things like watches, shoes, bags etc. Alexa rank in India is 99.

  1. Junglee

For me wild electronics is a great shopping site for accessories and home appliances. If you want to buy it is also very good for books. This site is not good for buying clothes and other accessories. Alexa Rank in India is 106.

  1. Infibeam

In Infibeam, I only buy books and magazines. You can find many great books and magazines which are not available in the market. You can also buy mobile but still I like to buy books and magazines. Alexa rank in India is 160.

  1. Paperfry

PepperFree has some great household items such as furniture, kitchen and food and appliances. A few months ago I had ordered the dining room from this site. The price was fine and I was able to choose a design of my choice. Alexa Pass in India is 349.

  1. Inkfruit

Visit this site only to buy immature, which are informal. I bought a pair of denim jeans from this site. Incriminati is good only for costumes. Alexa Pass in India is 379.

  1. First Cry

As the name this shopping site is popular only for children. If there is a child in your home or a new born, then you can buy almost anything from First Cry. Best price, cash on delivery and fast delivery are some of the key features of this particular shopping site. Alexa Pass in India is 456.

  1. Fashionora

Fashara is really great for women, men can also buy some buys, but this shopping site has appealed to women. Then you can buy clothes, shoes, gifts and other accessories. Alexa Pass in India is 673.

  1. Good life

Good life meets household goods and home appliances, but I like to buy only food items from this site. But if you want to buy sofas, bedding or tables then go in a good life. You can also buy products for your kitchen. Alexa rank in India is 683.

  1. Baby Oye

Baby OE is the second best shopping site for babies after the first cry. If you do not find some items in the first crying, then you can go to baby oi. You can find a wide range of products catering to infant children. Alexa Pass in India is 749

  1.  Shopkeepers Stop

Shoppers’ Stop is a good shopping site if you want to buy clothes. It offers different types of products but only good in costumes. You can also try some stuff. Alexa Pass in India is 918.

  1. Be Stylish

I bought a pair of shoes from B-stylish a month ago. It was fine, but still not good, if you do not like the shopping site mentioned above, you can become stylish. Alexa Rank 928 in India. There are many other emerging players in this market. You can also look at some of the best shopping sites like Jabong, SuventiMM, Bigbasket, Coves, Mastart, Goindia Organic etc. After all, I would like to say that there are some great qualities in all the websites mentioned above. If you do not find anything in a shopping site then you can choose to buy from others. I mentioned the specialty of a particular shopping site. I mean what a shopping site is good for all products. Out of 20 you can choose a particular site in which the best products can be offered. It is not necessary that you will find every great product on the same site. Therefore each site has some feature and you can buy accordingly.

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