Top 10 Problems with Free Blog Websites

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Everyone wants to make his/her own website or blog. There are many options of making free blogs. Some of them are- and


There are the free to make any website or blog. But you think that there are many problems with these free blog. Here I will tell you about the problems you may face at the time of blogging.

 1.      Limited Choice of Templates and Themes – Since if you use the free services of blogging to free website then it is not possible to choose most effective Templates or Themes for your requirement. There are limited choices of Templates and Themes on free Blogging.

 2.      Low Bandwidth Speed – This is big problem because the Speed of bandwidth of the free websites is low and you cannot control on this issue. Low Bandwidth means your website will run slowly and the users will go away from your website.

 3.      Not Create any Plug-Ins or Software – There are no chances of adding or putting the Plug-Ins or software on your free website. You may not create any plug-ins or software on your free website.

 4.      Problem with Customizing Anything – If you want to customize anything according to your need then it is big problem. You will not able to customize properly and as per requirement of your blog.

 5.      Problem with Placing Ads – if you want to make some money from advertisement then it is hard to put ads at proper places of the blog so that you can make more money from your blog.

 6.      Not Reduce Bounce Rate – This is very big problem with the free blog or website feature that the bounce rate is very high; there is no control to reduce the bounce rate.

 7.      Do Not Create Account for Guest Blogging – Free Blogging services not provide the facility of guest writing to the users of your blog.

 8.      Poor Navigation – If you use the free service of blogging then it is very big problem of navigation. You may not receive any so good navigation according to your necessary.

 9.      Not Able to Create a Brand of Your Blog – If you want to create a brand for your website or blog then it is not possible because there is no direct website name. Your blog may be terminated anytime by the website that provides free service.

 10.  Rare Chances of Become Entrepreneur – If you want to be an Entrepreneur on the Internet as a blogger then it is so hard to become an entrepreneur with the free blog or website.


Here I have discussed many reasons of not using the free blogging services. If you want to good professional blogger then you should choose the paid services for your success in the blogging field.


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