Top 10 Popular Blog Niches to Earn More Money

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Top 10 Popular Blog Niches to Earn More Money

Today, the blog writing is becoming a professional. This is very good and interesting idea because with the help of blogs, we can enjoy our interest with blogs. When some ideas come in you mind, just write down and post on your blog. People read your ideas and this means your blog’s traffic will be increased and your earning will also increase. There are some factors by which you can earn more money with your blog. There are some Niches, if you use these niches on your blog then you will definitely earn more money without increasing more traffic.

Here, I will tell you that which niches are more earning.

Top 10 Popular Blog Niches To Earn More Money

  1. Make Money Online – This is the highest earning blog topic, this is highest searched topic and highest earning opportunities with this blog niche.

    How to Make Money Online
    How to Make Money Online
  • List based Websites – If your website have several list type article than it is good for you because the list based articles are so searching and earning topic on the internet. Some Example – Top 10, Top 100, Top 21 etc
  1. Blogging Tips and Tricks – This is very popular and interesting topic for earning more money by your blog.
  2. Information Technology – The articles based on information technology or IT based articles are so popular on internet. These are the more traffic attractive topics and you may make more money with these information technology articles.
  3. Social Media Websites – If you write about the social media on your blog then it is also a better earning topic. There are many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Digg, WordPress,Tumblr, Linkedin etc.
  4. Picture Based Website – This topic is also so popular on the internet. The trolling pictures are so famous and popular topic on the internet. There are some special type of pictures like funny pictures have highest demand, trolling Images have highest revenue and the traffic source is facebook pages.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently asked questions those are asked by the people frequently because these are some popular topics. Everyone wants to know that instantly that which thing is doing by which way. So they type questions in the search engine and find answers.
  6. Insurance and Finance – Insurance and Finance is the most popular topic on the internet because everyone want to know that which insurance company is better and which company provides better facilities and better returns. Finance is the need of every person on the earth and everyone want to know best Finance facility and better finance company.
  7. Celebrity Based Sites – This is also a good ideas you should choose any celebrity and start to write on the celebrity. You may write about the actors, actress or movies.

    Amit Agrawal-Founder of
    Amit Agrawal-Founder of
  8. Health and Care Sites – Today, everyone want to healthy and search for healthy rules, healthy life style, exercise and how to care topics on the internet. This is good idea to write on health and care topic.

    Fruits and Vegetable
    Fruits and Vegetable

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