Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Government Jobs and Private Jobs

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Government Jobs and Private Jobs

Whether you want to go for a government job or a private job, you will do your best to find a job that pays you well. It does not really matter whether it is a government job or a private job. The only thing that is salaried is salary.

So I have a list of top 10 most paid government jobs and personal jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Government Jobs and Private Jobs
Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Government Jobs and Private Jobs

From the list below, you can easily choose jobs, government or personal as per your wish. These are the highest paying jobs in both areas. If you know the highest paying jobs, then you can set goals and hard work to get one of these jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paying Personal Jobs

One of the major reasons for joining private companies is the growth in private companies. Compared to public sector companies, the salary is very high. The list of top 10 most paid jobs in the private sector is given here.

  1. Management jobs

Management jobs in private sector are the highest paid jobs. You are paid a large amount for the work you did. However, such a salary comes with great responsibility. You are responsible for the development of the company.

Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,00,000 / – to 20,00,000 / –


Financing is a risky business but it can make you hell. An example funding will invest in the stock exchanges. If you know the markets then you can take risks. Similarly, there may be other financing jobs like investing money in films, venture capitalists etc.

Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,00,000 / – to 40,00,000 / –

  1. Consultant

Consultants are also creating huge amounts of money. Although this is not a job like financing, but if you are a counselor you can earn a lot of money. You can consult for real estate, jobs, human resources, construction etc.

Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,00,000 / – to 20,00,000 / –

  1. Banker

Bankers typically invest their money in banks for higher returns. This is a risky business but if you know the tricks of the business then you can be rich in time.

Monthly Salary: 10,00,000 / – to 30,00,000 / –

  1. Lawyers

If you get a chance to protect the case of high paying customers, then a lot of money can be made here. You can charge as per your wishes.

Monthly Salary: 1000000 / – to 2000000 / –

  1. Doctor

Doctors working in private hospitals earn a lot of money for every operation or surgery.

Monthly Salary: 5,00,000 / – to 20,00,000 / –

  1. Airline Pilot

Commercial airline pilots such as Jet Airways, Kingfisher, SpiceJet etc. are highly paid.

Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,00,000 / – to 20,00,000 / –

  1. Chartered accountant

Chartered accountant job is in high demand because different companies demand them for auditing and accounting.

Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,00,000 / – to 25,00,000 / –

  1. Entertainment Industry

Actors working for TV serials or films are well paid. You can join an acting school and start developing the talent needed for the entertainment industry.

However, you look good.

Monthly Salary: 1000000 / – to 2000000 / –

  1. Player

Players on the contract basis for different franchises earn a lot of money. Other games like hockey, badminton, polo etc, not just IPL.

Monthly Salary: 1000000 / – to 2000000 / –

The salary mentioned here is for the most talented and experienced executive, and each of these 10 businesses does not get much salary. If someone is above personal jobs, then he needs to work hard to reach this level.

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs

Now we will see the highest paid jobs in the public sector. You can find the link for the best government job companies here and if you are looking for the latest recruitment then you can visit

  1. PSU Jobs

Public sector jobs in oil companies like HP, BP are very attractive and you earn the maximum amount. Perhaps this is the only job in the public sector where the salary is so high.

Monthly salary:

  1. Civil Services Officer – IAS Officer

Civil service jobs are the most prestigious and they are also paying well. The IAS officers enjoy good pay and many other privileges.

You can do your best to become one of them.

  1. Indian Revenue Service

An officer in the Indian Revenue Service is responsible for collecting tax revenues. So their jobs are well paid in comparison to other government jobs.

  1. Scientists

Scientists are paid in organizations like ISRO, DRDO. They work for the government and the government takes care of its every need. Besides salary and allowances they are adjusted in big houses.

His salary is really good.

  1. Doctor

In government hospitals like AIIMS, APOLO and others, doctors or surgeons pay too much. There is no salary less than the salary of a private hospital.

This is another exciting government job.

  1. University Professor

There is a great faculty in consolidated universities like IIT, IISc, NIIT and other universities. Professors and

  1. NTPC

National Thermal Power Corporation is responsible for generating electricity for the country. If you are an engineer you can get a big salary.

  1. Defense jobs

In government forces, defense jobs are also paid in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. Thousands of young students apply for defense jobs all over the country.

They will have to clear the exams like NDA or CDS. Salary and other facilities are very good.

  1. Indian Coast Guard

Indian Coast Guard or ICG is like our Indian Navy. Pay and other allowances are very high. This job is one of the highest paid jobs in the government job.

  1. Railway Engineers

Railway engineers are considered to be the best payers in the public sector compared to other engineering jobs. Apart from this, a large number of railway engineering jobs are available. You can apply for them according to your qualification.

So these 10 highly paid government jobs were there. Although their salary will not be like a personal job, but they are the best even when you compare them with government jobs.

Whether you go for a private job or government job, you have to pay it well and you should enjoy doing it.

These were the list of 20 such jobs in both private and public sector. You can choose one of them according to their wishes.


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