Top 10 Best Computer Operating Systems

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There are many Operating Systems for the computer. But Here I will provide the top 10 list of the Best operating system.


1. Windows XP Professional – This operating system is always favorite other than windows XP. It is easy to learn and install. It is also fast than the other OS.

Download Windows Xp Professional


2. Windows 7 – This is very good operating system. It is easy to install. This is crash Free OS. It supports graphics for HQ Games. It has better security features, maximum features.


3. Windows 8 – This is fastest operating system. It has more security features and it is extra compatibility to windows. It is user friendly, fastest, best and lovely operating system.


4. Ubuntu – This operating System is a mixture of Windows and Macintosh. The shortcut keys are similar to windows. It is much better than Windows Vista OS.

Download Ubuntu


5. Linux Mint – It is a easy to use operating system. It is based on linux and it is reliable for new users. There are lot of software are available. Mint is faster than the Windows and also secured by package system.

Download Linux Mint


6. Unix – This Operating System handles most serious applications. If you want to operate your computer with this operating system then you should have good knowledge of the computer. However, if you will practice, then you are able to operate your PC with this OS.

Download Unix


7. Windows Vista – This OS is good. It uses pictures and good organization. The non administrator account is also works. It is good but it is so complicated OS.

Download Windows Vista


8. Windows XP – This Operating System is the best. It is fastest OS ever. It is much better than Windows 98 or windows 8.

Download Windows XP Free


9. Android – This operating system is simple and stable. This OS is secure and very user friendly. This is fairly stale operating system with great customization options. This is very interesting OS.

Download Android


10. Windows 98 – This is the good operating system that brought the revolution. In this OS the cursor, graphics and gaming system are introduced. This is better Operating System. Since it is so fast and run smoothly on the system.

Download Windows 98 Free



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