Top 10 Autoresponder and Email Marketing Tools

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Top 10 Autoresponder and Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is still the fastest way to sell products online. If you have a database of email that is high quality and is very relevant for your business, then you can sell a product overnight.

iContact WordPress-Autoresponder
iContact WordPress-Autoresponder

The success of email marketing depends solely on the quality of the email you collect. The quality and relevance of the email list can make or break your email marketing business.

You can not at least understand the benefits of email marketing. So you need a quality database for email marketing and you need the best software and email marketing tools to create a quality database.

That’s why we have written a list of the top 10 autoresponder software that you may need to gather the visitors’ emails to your website.

Top 10 Autoresponder and Email Marketing Tools

You can include these auto responders in your website and take advantage of the full potential of email marketing.

So here’s a list of the top 10 autoresponder.

  1. Get feedback

As you know that no autoresponder is free. You must pay the fee to be included in your website. The first is getting the autoresponder response.

The price for gate response starts at $ 15 per 1000 contacts per month, for $ 5,000 it is $ 45 and $ 10,000 for $ 10,000.

Get feedback All those loaded features come with a modern auto responder. You can import mailing lists, demographic divisions, then account health meter and opt-in to identify the database.

So it’s completely full for pricing and more. Visit:

  1. iContact

In fact, great software is really better than receiving feedback, but we get iContact after receiving the response because the price is high.

It starts from $ 14 a month for 500 contacts. It is $ 47 for 5000 contacts and it is $ 74 for 10,000.

The price is high but you get better facilities for higher prices such as the dashboard is better than any other software currently available in the market.

It is full of all the features like receiving feedback.

Go to:

  1. AWeber

If you look at the number of users for a particular autoresponder service, Eweber kills all other auto respondents. It has been in the business for a while and every email marketer knows about this service.

The service starts with $ 19 for $ 19 and is $ 69 for 10,000. Eveber’s best feature is seamless integration because it is effortlessly integrated with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal and other programs.

If you have a website with 10,000 to 20,000 daily pageviews, then I would recommend Eweber. If you want to manage a large database of customers, then it works well.

You can start with a 30-day free trial and you can put the software in the asshole.

Go to:

  1. MailChimp

In the last 2 to 3 years, MailChimp has grown rapidly. The service starts with $ 10 for 500 contacts per month. It is $ 50 for 5000 contacts and for $ 10,000 this is $ 75 per month.

Mail Chimp has all the basic features of any other autoresponder but it does not have a feature like demographic dividend or account health meter.

Apart from this, the ease of use of Dashboard is fine and not as good as I get contact or feedback. Good for mobile or handheld devices.

Go to:

  1. Constant Contact

The constant contact auto responder is the fifth in our list and it is quite expensive compared to the above mentioned services. In fact if you are a small marketman with one or two websites, constant contact is expensive for you.

It starts with $ 20 for 500 contacts per month, $ 20 for 500 contacts per month, compared to $ 10. It’s $ 55 for 5000 contacts and it’s $ 85 for 10,000. So you can see that the price is too high.

As far as the facilities are concerned, it is quite modest.


  1. Publicity

The best thing about a publisher is that it is much cheaper than other services mentioned in this article.

It’s only $ 10 for 500 and 1000 emails, so it’s better to start with 1000 emails. It is $ 40 for 5000 contacts and for $ 10,000 it is $ 55.

As far as the facilities are concerned, it gives you all those, even demographic divisions. The dashboard is a bit messy but overall service is really good with all the features.

Go to:

  1. Benchmark Email

In fact, due to the amazing features on very competitive pricing, the benchmark should be the first in our list.

It is absolutely free for 500 and 1000 contacts per month. 5000 contacts and 1000 contact pricing are $ 46.95 and $ 73.95 respectively.

      8. Mad Mini

As far as the facilities are concerned, they are compared to iContact or receive feedback. The ease of use of the dashboard is quite good.

I advise email marketers to use their 1000 contacts per month because it is free

Of a good auto responder but it is not easy to use the dashboard. Visit for more travel:

  1. Vertical Response

Vertical Response is More Expensive than Mad Mini. For 500 contacts it charges $ 12.75 and 1000 $ 25.50, doubling only For $ 5,000 and 10,000 contacts, respectively, $ 63.80 and $ 96.30. The features are better than Mad Mini as you have demographic dividend and the dashboard usage is better than Mad Mini. So you can choose one of them depending on your requirement. Visits:

  1. Graphicmail is the last one graphicmail in our list.

There is no specific reason why we keep it in our list, the brand can not be famous yet. It is only $ 9.95 for 500 contacts and it is $ 25 for 1000. The price of 5000 and 10000 is $ 45 and $ 75 respectively. The features are also quite good compared to other services. Visits: Therefore, it was the top 10 autoresponder recommended by email marketing experts around the world. I request you to visit your respective websites and get more information about pricing and features.

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