Why Should You Target the Long Tail Keyword for SEO and PPC?

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Why Should You Target the Long Tail Keyword  for SEO and PPC?

If you are in internet marketing, keyword research is an essential step for your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Most internet marketers and webmasters first target those highly competitive and high volume keywords for their search engine optimization and search engine marketing campaigns.

Long Tail Keyword
Long Tail Keyword

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So, I’m going to tell you why you should target long tail keywords rather than those competitive mini-tail keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

You know the keyword, right? Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are usually 3 or more words in the phrase. Some examples of long tail keyword phrases are “Top 10 Web Hosting 2012”, “Top 10 Web Hosting Companies”, “Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting” and more. Where “web hosting” is the main word.

Why should you target the Long Tail keyword for SEO?

If you have launched a website, then you should first target long tail keyword phrases. Instead of focusing on those two-word phrases, you should think of all the potential long tail keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your website.

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Suppose you have a web hosting review. Now, you should not actually target the keyword “web hosting” at all. In this case, the main word “web hosting” is a very competitive keyword and large companies have spent $ 1,000 to stay on top. If you are Google “web hosting” then you can see that there are more than 429 million search results, so it is almost impossible to move forward.

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So, what you should do is target long-tail keywords related to the phrase “web hosting review”. Now, if you search for “web hosting reviews” or “top 10 web hosting” or “top 10 web hosting companies”, then the number of search results is just a fraction of what’s for “web hosting” means that there is less competition and you get more targeted traffic that increases your conversions.

If you compare the number of monthly searches, then the long tail keyword will not drive like traffic, which deliver small tail keywords. But if you add traffic generated by all long tail keywords, then you can see that they are generating more traffic in the form of a key word. And it converts at a higher rate because those who use long keyword phrases are probably looking for specific content and they know what they want.

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Why should you target the Long-tail keyword for PPC?

This is not for your SEO campaigns. You should target only long tail keywords for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Why? Because you are paying for every click in your PPC campaigns.

Advantages of Long-Tailed Keywords for SEO and PPC

  • Long-tail keywords can collectively collect high search volume.

  • They have less advertiser competition compared to 2-word phrases, which reduces cost per click (CPC).

  • They are more specific so that you can offer cylindered ads in PPC campaigns to improve the click through rate (CTR) and quality score.

  • People using long tail keyword phrases know what they want and are ready to buy your product.

How to find the Long Tail keyword?

Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you can generate long tail keywords related to any search term. Log on to the Google AdWords keyword tool and see “Exact match” and “Show ideas closely related to my search terms” option. Now enter your primary keywords (web hosting, web hosting reviews in the above example) and click on search.

Google Adwords to find Long Tail Keyword
Google Adwords to find Long Tail Keyword

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Google shows keyword ideas related to those search terms in a few seconds to sort by “Global Monthly Searches” so you can choose low-competition keywords and at the same time get the maximum number of monthly searches. Now, select targeted keywords (i.e. web hosting reviews) and click “Show more on this”. This gives ideas about new keywords related to your targeted keyword strictly.

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