Why Sponsored Reviews and Nofollow Links are Highly Undervalued

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Why Sponsored Reviews and Nofollow Links are Highly Undervalued

If you are a blogger then it is very likely that you can get sponsored posts (sometimes known as sponsored reviews), guest posts, text links, paid posts, link exchanges, and brands and individuals for all types of content. A ton of requests are being received.

Sponsored Review
Sponsored Review

They try to pitch us in different ways, such as:


My name is M and I want to contribute as a guest writer on your website.

I have written guest post articles related to many technical, internet marketing, SEO and social media, and I want to write an article about the closely related issues related to your website.

Please do not hesitate to suggest any topic to me, and I will write an article specifically for your blog / website!

Content will be approximately 700-1000 words, including images and videos and it will be original, informative and 100% unique.

I can also recommend you a great topic for your website.

I will send you the article ASAP with the details. You can review the article and tell me if you can publish it on your website.

Waiting for our successful cooperation!

kindest regards,


And some of them still mention that they are willing to pay for it. Basically, they are all after the same thing: “dofollow link” – to boost your search rankings. This is right! Some of them mention it when they pitch us and do nothing.

A good percentage of bloggers accept such offers without looking after the search engine guidelines or user experience.

If you are following my blog for a while then you may have already seen that I have never accepted any guest post or paid post or text link for SEO. But a few months ago I accepted the first sponsored review on my blog. And then I realized the actual value of the review sponsored with a brand nofollow link.

I was not accepting sponsored posts on this blog because most of the products were very interested in me But a few months ago, I created an ad page to display the available advertising options on my blog.

Soon after, I got the first inquiry for a review sponsored by the Perfect Audience (a retaking platform). Since they contacted me through my newly created ad page, so I thought they were okay with the nofollow link.

Therefore, I responded by saying that I was aware of the exact audience brand and would be happy to make sponsored review. Actually, I personally wanted to try again to target some day.

I published a review in a month or so and clearly came with this disclosure and all the links were nofollowed. Actually, I was the first blogger to sponsor the review that worked.

And the result? They got a new customer – I And then, I tried to learn and re-target my time and finally wrote a guide to kickstart a re-targeting campaign with the perfect audience.

That’s not everything! I started generating hundreds of leads as an affiliate and I started promoting the right audience on some relevant blog posts – nothing.

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First things first What is a Nofollow Link?

When we link to another website search engine, suppose we are giving a refraction. Therefore, it clearly affects the search ranking of the targeted website. Now, if we add a nofollow tag to the link, the search engines do not follow it.

“Nofollow” provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines “Do not follow links on this page” or “Do not follow this specific link.”

In other words, by making a ton of nofollow link of any website, its ranking will not improve (and will not hurt) because it does not transfer any PageRank to the targeted website.

Leverage sponsored review with Nofollow link

So, how can you take advantage of sponsored posts? When you pitch a blogger for sponsored review, you do not really have to worry about the nofollow link unless your goal is to increase the visibility of your website. In fact, you should tell Blogger to nofollow even though they are offering dofollow links.

And if you think it’s not worth it, imagine what happens when you write a guest post. When you write guest posts for blogs, it is less likely that people click on your bio links (unless your guest post is a masterpiece and people want to know more about you).

Therefore, it basically means that you are getting zero traffic on your website from all your average guest posts. Of course, you get backlinks. But it is not as worthwhile as it was. And that’s why Google did an action against guest blogging for SEO.

Now, what happens when you buy sponsored reviews?

When it comes to sponsored reviews, you enjoy

The best thing? Sponsored review sends real traffic to your website and it creates a great awareness of your brand.

It is quite possible that sponsored review can send some leads and sales – at any time. Because you are advertising your product or service in front of the right producers.

And you do not have to worry about search engine guidelines or future penalties. Even better, bloggers like to sponsor review until they are relevant. Yes, it’s all about relevance.

But this does not really mean that you should proceed and buy sponsored review aggressively. Why? Because if you choose the wrong website, it literally has the same effect as the guest post. Zero traffic

And what about guest post or payment terms?

When you are posting guests or buying a paid post, you are at risk of getting a penalty sooner or later.

Large brands like Rap Genius, Interfalora, Forbes, Overstock, Jesse Penny etc. were penalized by Google for violating Webmaster Guidelines. They were all engaged in different link schemes.

In fact, if you are offering your products in exchange for free, it is also considered as a link scheme by Google.

Buying or Selling Links Passing PageRank This includes links to links, or links to posts; Exchange of goods or services for links; Or send someone a “free” product in exchange with a link and a link

Last year, Google was rumored to penalize Interfalora (a flower distribution network) because they were giving gifts to bloggers in lieu of the link.

Discovering related opportunities

A few months ago, I received an email from Samurus and they invited me to join my affiliate program. They also offered a valued six-month SEMrush account with more than $ 400.

And this was the first time when I actually accepted a proposal from a brand. Because it was just an invitation and he did not ask anything in return. And the best thing? Seemarus is one of the most popular competitive analysis tools and it offers great value for bloggers and marketers.

I became very excited and decided to pitch some brands from my side for such offers. The first one was sent to the affiliate team of One.com hosting.

I expressed my interest in promoting my affiliate program because I was impressed with their web hosting pricing. This is one of the cheapest hosting plans (even after the first period) with CPL.

So, I asked for a one-month demo hosting account (because I did not want to sign up myself or want to use my credit card) without asking anything else, they gave me 1 year free hosting with a free domain name Plan offered.

I did not stop

This was the time when I was getting email “Account Resource Overage” email from my web hosting company – Promotion Hosting. Therefore, I was looking for a content distribution network to balance my server load. And the next pitch was MaxSDN.

Once again, I sent a pitch to MaxxDN affiliate team and asked if they wanted to sponsor the CDN of my blog. Because I already knew that they were sponsoring popular blogs. Bingo, it worked!

His affiliate team reviewed my blog (to see if it is relevant and what is possible) and my MaxCDDN test account was upgraded to a value of $ 108. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.


Sponsored posts are so effective that it can double your advertising income and give brands results overnight. But this does not mean that you should accept all sponsored offers (even if they are willing to pay you premiums) that you are getting.

Working with only limited brands is always a good idea, which you admire the most, so that you can tell them about sponsoring or even giving a gift. But make sure you do not publish sponsored posts often because it can disturb your readers.

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