What is Sponsored Review and How to Start?

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What is Sponsored Review and How to Start?

I have talked about various methods, which can be used to earn money from my blog. Today I will talk about SponSored reviews, which is another attractive method for you to earn huge income.

What is Sponsored Review and How to Start?
What is Sponsored Review and How to Start?

Generally when you use Ad, such as AdSense, Chitika or any other network, you have to wait long to pay. At most, you will get some cents for clicks and payment will come after a long time. Sponsored review on the other hand will help you make more money in a single shot. Before I share more information about sponsored reviews, I have listed some of the best money-earning articles that you should read below:

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What is sponsored review or sponsored post?

When you review various products related to your niche on your blog and you do not earn any money from it. In the sponsored review, you usually review the product related to your niche and receive payment for it. Generally you either reach potential advertisers who are interested in buying sponsored reviews on your blog or advertisers can contact you directly for the post. There are many pros and cons of sponsored posts and if you work ethically, you will make them very big with these posts. Here I will highlight various tips and tricks for getting sponsored articles.


Sponsored posts in 2014 are being replaced by native advertisements where you see advertisements as part of content. Well, I will not talk much about native advertising here because it is a different topic and everyone mixes discusively. For now, look at the ways that you can get sponsored reviews for your blog.

How to earn sponsored reviews and how to earn money?

The most important advice I’ll give you here is a well-designed blog with a target audience. This way you can make big money with single paid posts. If you still have a blog with washed design, then spend the next few hours giving your blog a professional look. Make sure you have a logo and your sidebar has important elements such as a membership box, facebook like box, recent posts and more that reflect your blog personality. Once you’re done with it, it’s time for you to work on the following:

Another ad page is:

The ad page or media-kit is a major way of getting sponsored reviews. Create an effective media kit that shows what your blog is and what your advertisers can expect from it. Apart from giving display ads options, there are also options for sponsored review. A sponsored review pricing is usually higher than your original ads. Here are some articles that you can learn about the ad page by reading:

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Reach potential advertisers:

This method is just like finding a direct ad, but in this case your proposal will be for sponsored review. Make sure you reach only the product owner who has a good review. After all, you do not want to support a bad product and want to lose your reader’s trust. You can also ask for a review of the product / service to come out and try out with an honest review. Here is a gray line with sponsored posts that you should carefully manage. Many times you just have to spread news about service / product and do not necessarily try it. In such cases, make sure that you do not mention that you are using this service or are using it now.

Things to remember:

  • Only select trusted product / brand / service for sponsored posts.
  • If the product is crappy after trying it out, do not say and reject the proposal.
  • Add a Disclaimer to the post “This post is sponsored by $ Brandname”

By writing 2-3 sponsored reviews, you can easily make $ 100- $ 500. Always remember that advertisers who are related to your niche And you can lose the confidence of your readers.

You can also get sponsored posts for your blog and also connect to the IZIA network for your social media profile. If you are using your blog to advertise, be sure to create the brand chosen as an option.

What is your experience with the sponsored review so far? How much money have you earned and do you know of a good sponsored review ad network?

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