SEO Dictionary Begin from A

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If you are not new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you will have the knowledge about the SEO Dictionary means the proper meaning of words or terms those are mostly used in Search Engine Optimization techniques. Here I will tell you some word’s meaning those are start from A –

1.Algorithm – An algorithm is the set of finite or ordered steps to solve the mathematical problems or equations. But while we see the proper meaning of an algorithm in Search Engine Optimization techniques. The result of this process is a list of sites ranked in the order that the search engine deemed most relevant.

2. Alt Tag or Alt Text – As we know that if we use images in our articles than it is difficult to search that image by the search engine. For the solution of this problem we use an alt tag. An Alt Tag is the HTML text that appears while an image is loading or when a cursor is positioned over an image. Since this is useful in Search Engine Optimization because it can include keywords that a search engine looks for in response to a query.

3. Analytics – Are you know that what is analytics? The Analytics are the technology, programming, and data used in Search Engine Optimization or Marketing to analyze a website or blog’s performance or the success of an Internet marketing campaign.

4. Anchor Text – Since, this is also known as link text. An anchor text is the visible, clickable text between the HTML anchor and tags. Since the search engine algorithms consider the Hyperlink keywords as relevant to the Landing Page, so the anchor text is very important in Search Engine Optimization.

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