About to Reduce Your Earnings from Google Adsense

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About to Reduce Your Earnings from Google Adsense

Google Adsense Rectangular Ad Unit
Google Adsense Rectangular Ad Unit

Rectangular Google AdSense Ad Unit – 

The one you see on the right is a 300 × 250 rectangular Google AdSense ad unit. Ideally an ad unit should show 3-4 different ads to this size. There is probably not enough list and therefore, whatever you are looking for is close to the middle of 1 ad rectangle.

Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense
Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense

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When a website visitor catches a mouse on this Google ad block, the cursor changes from one indicator to one hand. It can click anywhere within the rectangle to visit the advertiser’s website.

However, this will change soon because Google has redefined the definition of one click.

Now for the visitor to make money, the publisher (you) will have to either click on the Google ad’s title or URL.

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Going back to the screenshots, only the click created in the red area will be considered valid. The yellow areas will not be clickable. In the current AdSense ad formats, clickable on the entire block (both red and yellow).

How to move to External Site?

For a site visitor who is really interested in the advertiser’s site, to move to an external website, your mouse cursor must be positioned at the red area at all. This can reduce overall clickthrough rate. You may see lower earnings, but for publishers and advertisers this is definitely a good thing in the long run.

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Google says that there is similar functionality for ads appearing on the main website of Google.com. There is a small difference – only the title is clicked on the Google homepage, but for the adsense ads on the publisher’s website. Both the title and the advertiser’s website URL will be clickable.

From AdSenseAdvisor

“To clarify some questions, this means that the click on the title or URL of the text ad will only take the user away from your page. Register as a click in your account, and result in advertiser’s fees clicking the white spot on an ad will not happen. More information about this change will be in the upcoming AdSense blog post.”

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