Is Productivity Going Down From Home?

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Is Productivity Going Down From Home?

After making a decision to stop Yahoo! from working remotely, a serious debate has begun around the world, whether working from home is less productivity or not.

Productivity Going Down From Home?
Productivity Going Down From Home?

Due to this restriction, those who want to work from home will be disappointed. With this restriction the women affected will be the most affected. Apart from earning his life to work from home, he got an opportunity to take care of his family from the comfort of his house.

But now it will not be possible, at least for Yahoo!

So working from home reduces the productivity of a given company?

Is this true or just myth?

Let’s find out.

Why is there a debate that working from home reduces productivity?

Why suddenly Yahoo decided to ban its employees from working remotely? Does it really reduce productivity? Or is Yahoo just overreacting?

Well! We do not really know what’s going on inside Yahoo, so we can only guess.

Before discussing all the possible reasons for reducing productivity, debate us why people want to work from home.

Better working from the office than working from home? It may be good for you but does it benefit the company.

Therefore, we will also compare the work from home to working from home.

Why do people work from home?

Today technology has made things easier for us. Now we are connected very closely through each other very closely.

People want to take advantage of technology and work from the comfort of their home.

They do not have to waste time in coming and selecting their working hours.

Apart from this, working from home allows them to earn money and at the same time they can take care of their family.

Therefore, they want to work from home especially women.

Working from Home vs. Working in the Office

If you compare both of them, you will get both advantages and disadvantages.

From work at home, you do not have to travel and you choose your time of work. So the boss does not stand on your head.

You can also care for your family because you get more time.

But working from home can be less productive because I tell you 5 reasons.

Potential reasons for working less by reducing productivity

  1. Better Work Culture

The first potential reason for working from home reduces productivity, there will be less work culture. There is a great difference between working from home and working from the office.

Work culture is very negative if you are working from home. At home, you can not concentrate fully on your work due to problems and feelings. At home, when you are working, anyone can come and bother you.

This definitely reduces productivity. At the office, you have to work in an environment that is very competitive and you have to give the results within the specified timeline.

Therefore, the following work culture at home may be the reason for restricting employees by working remotely.

  1. Not able to understand new ideas or ideas

If you work for a company that is a leader of technology then you have to be very innovative. You need an ideal environment or work culture to innovate or to make something new every day.

At the office, you will meet new people in cafeteria or in the midday meal or tea breaks. There you can share an idea with them, so the exchange of ideas will help you to think something new and innovative.

On the other hand, if you work from home then it is difficult to come up with an idea sitting in the room. You have no one to share ideas or exchange ideas.

So this may be another reason that working from home reduces productivity.

  1. Poor management

With the help of a company, it will be very difficult for HR managers to manage their employees. Apart from this, it will be very difficult to get the managers or team leaders assigned to work and monitor each employee.

If the employee is working from home, he will not take the desired benefit due to poor management company. So this is definitely going to affect the productivity of a company.

The lack of discipline and the following work culture will never allow the company to grow.

So working from home can be convenient for an employee, but it has an adverse effect on the larger company.

  1. Less competitiveness

As I said earlier, working from home will never allow you to come up with innovative ideas. Therefore, it will reduce the competitiveness of employees working for a particular company.

Less competitiveness of employees means that a company can never compete in a difficult environment. If the employees are not competitive then other competitors will lead.

If they are working from home then the competitiveness of employees will be affected.

  1. Violations of the company’s trade secrets

This is the most important factor that companies will not allow their employees to work from home. Not every company wants to reveal its trade secrets.

A company makes every effort to protect its data and other important intellectual property.

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