Persons Behind India’s Top Websites

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Persons Behind India’s Top Websites

We all used thousands of websites daily without thinking that hell has made them. There is a story behind this on every successful website. Below are the people who have focused their eyes on the websites with a dream of India and it has great success.

Ajit Balakrishnan

Founder – Ajit Balakrishnan

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 40 million per year

The Story – is a service-based portal on the Internet. It provides information on different categories. Rediff was in 1996 and headquartered in Mumbai. Rediff’s free e-mail service provides unlimited storage. This website is also available as a mobile application.

India’s leading portal gives information on news, movies, cricket, music and stock exchanges. It also provides online shopping and social networking services.

Rediff was founded by Ajit Balakrishnan and earned four million dollars in a year. By following the doctors’ family, Ajit always wanted to be a football player. Instead, he landed in IIM, Calcutta. At the age of 42, he founded, he launched a portal on no profit basis for three years. is the only website that has found its place in the top ten websites of the world. Ajit grabbed his investment of 2 crores and earned more than that.


Sanjeev Bichchandani

Founder – Sanjeev Bichchandani

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 6 million per year

Other Ventures –, 99cars dot com, policyboase


The Story – is India’s Number One Job Portal. He was also a pioneer of job portal in India. He published a monthly report called “Job JobsPeak”. They made jobs very easy. You can apply to jobs in top companies on the click of a button. They have also become a new way of recruiting talent.

Job was conceived and designed by Sanki Bichchandani and is now earning six million dollars annually. Sanjeev Bharat is an Alumni of two premier institutes in IIT and IIM. He was born in 1964 in a business class family. It takes thirteen years to make the job a big success. They tried every possible business model for this idea. He tried to sell the resume on the CD and stayed on his wife’s salary for many years.

Their other enterprises include,,


Anupam Mittal

Founder – Anupam Mittal

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 5 million per year

Other Startup –

The Story – is India’s number one marital website. It brings millions of people together in the Indian marriage scenario despite caste, place, language and many other factors. offers several payment and free services to match. was founded by Anupam Mittal in 1996. When a priest came to him with a marriage proposal, then his thoughts came. He wanted to take the biggest Indian problem online. has ten million users all over India. Their other start-ups include, which is a real estate website.



Founder – BG Mahesh

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 3 million per year

Other Ventures –

The Story- One India India is a comprehensive web portal that provides information in many categories ranging from news, finance, film, entertainment, holidays etc. It also provides a feature for blogging. The portal is available in Indian regional languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Oneindia was launched by Van Gogh. After completing his education in Mysore and Vadodara, he went to his MS in the United States. Mahesh was extremely hard to find a job in the US because of the ongoing Gulf War in 1990. He created a blog called which contained important information for NRI in the United States. One of India’s leading classified portal with, Mahesh makes three million dollars annually.


VSS Mani

Founder – VSS Money

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 3 million

The Story- is like online yellow pages where you can get business listings, user reviews and phone numbers on a click of a button. You can also dial 1800-500-0000 from your phone to get instant information. Bus dial was started by the VSS Money, who left his studies to start his dream company. The CA dropout borrowed 50,000 rupees to start a company worth Rs 500 crore.


Satya prabhakar

Name – Satya Prabhakar

Website –

Estimated earnings – $ 3.5 million

Story- started as a classifieds website which offers classifieds for more than sixty cities worldwide. Today, is a comprehensive portal with information about travel and living, movies, sports, finance etc. It also discusses social media and events. There are also blogging services available for its users. In 1998, Satya Prabhakar started by NIT, Tiruchirappalli student.

Truth funded his venture

Indigo Monsoons Group and Northwest Venture Partners It started with two employees. Today, has 500 employees and offices in India, the US and Canada.

Pankaj Agarwal

Founder – Pankaj Agarwal Website – Estimated Revenue from Adsense – $ 1.2 million The Story – is a site where you can post classified ads to buy or sell online. Find a job, or find real estate. You can also get ads in education or travel area. Clickindia Online also offers yellow pages of many cities, you can find city guides, business listings, restaurants, hotels, agents etc. at Pankaj Agarwal, a former student of IIM Indore, clicked. They chose to leave a high paying job to start this website. was started in the garage in Noida with four friends. Clickindia’s estimated earnings from Adsense is $ 1.2 million annually.

VV Raju

Founder – VV Raju Website – They earn – $ 1.1 million / year Story – V.V.Raju started the concept of this novel to send free sms from computer. He completed MCA from Nagarjun University. At the age of 24, he created a model for sending sms through computer. Their models are basically used for bulk messages and they rely entirely on pay-per-click advertising for their revenue earns an estimated $ 1.1 million annually.

Ashish Kashyap

Founder – Ashish Kashyap

Website –

Revenue – $ 1 Million / Year

Other Websites –, The Story-Ibibo is a unique gaming website where you can connect with your friends in social games, online gaming tournaments and Can play multiplayer games.

You can also play with some celebrities. Some of the most popular sports at include Kishor Patti Rummy, Pool, Ibibofarm etc.

You can also play ebibo games on Facebook and some mobile phones. Ibibo was launched by Ashish Kashyap, who had worked with MTV and Google before starting his venture. When he launched Ibibo, he had to face many difficulties. The call for his fame was a feature called

He also included several social networking features which were similar to Facebook. It makes around $ 1 million a year. Their other enterprises include and

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