Per Second Earnings of Top Tech Companies of the World

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You know that how much the MNCs earn in every year and what is their gross profit? Not just yearly but you also know their revenue and profit generated every month.

However, have you ever thought how much they earn every second?


Yes, Earning Every Second.

You will be surprised to know that these companies are so big and their operations are all around the world in every country.


So here I will tell you about top 10 tech companies on the basis of their per second earnings.



Per Second Profit: $1631 = Rs 1,01,122/- Every second

Per Second Revenue: $12,270


Popular Brands and Products: Apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, precision instruments, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment. Brand like Galaxy series.

Origin of the Company: South Korea




Per Second Profit: $2114 = Rs 1,31,068 every Second, that is more than Samsung

Per Second Revenue: $9755, revenue is less than Samsung

Popular Brands and Products: Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Software like Macintosh etc

Origin of the Company: USA, Legendary Steve Jobs is the Founder of Apple




Per Second Profit: $292 = Rs 18,104 third largest company.

Per Second Revenue: $6410

Popular Brands and Products: Printers, Cameras, Laptops, Computers, Software, Pocket Computers, Mobile Phones, Notebook, Workstations, Servers etc

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by Hewlett and Packett duo.




Per Second Profit: $1248 = Rs 77376/-, Profit is more than HP, but gross revenue is less, so we place in 4th position.

Per Second Revenue: $4443

Popular Brands and Products: Windows, Office, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox, Surface, Bing, Skype and Many more.

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by Legendary Bill Gates.



Amazon Inc

Per Second Profit: $43 = Rs 2666/-, Profit is quite less compared to Revenue.

Per Second Revenue: $4250

Popular Brands and Products: Appstore, the Book Depository, Game Studios, Instant Video, Instant Video UK, Instant Video German, Kindle, Lab126, Studios, Woot, Shopbop

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by Jeff Bezos




Per Second Profit: $58 = Rs 3596/-, Profit is more than

Per Second Revenue: $3799

Popular Brands and Products: Consumer electronics, Semiconductors, Video games, Media/Entertainment, Computer hardware, Telecom equipment

Origin of the Company: Japanese MNC




Per Second Profit: $697 = Rs 43,214/-, Profit is way more than Sony and Amazon but because of Revenue Google is ranked 7th

Per Second Revenue: $3415

Popular Brands and Products: Search Engine, Adwords, Advertising Platforms, Productivity tools, Enterprise Products, Other products

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by the duo Larry Page and Sergey Bin



eBay Inc

Per Second Profit: $163 = Rs 10,106/-, eBay is just like Amazon but its profit is way more than Amazon but Revenue is less.

Per Second Revenue: $916

Popular Brands and Products: eBay Classifieds, electronic commerce, Gumtree, Kijiji, online auction hosting, PayPal, iBazar

Origin of the Company: USA based company founded by Pierre Omidyar




Per Second Profit: $86 = Rs 5332/-, surprisingly profit is more than Amazon and even Sony. Facebook is way more popular and profitable than its counterpart Social media platform Twitter

Per Second Revenue: $449

Popular Brands and Products: Web 2.0 Social Media Platform, Advertising Platform

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by 20 years old (at that time in 2004) Mark Zuckerberg




Per Second Profit:a$27 = Rs 1674/- , Yahoo is a search engine just like Google, but total revenue and profit of Google is way more than Yahoo even though Google was formed much later than Yahoo.

Per Second Revenue: $267

Popular Brands and Products: Yahoo Advertising, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Axis, Yahoo Groups, Movies, Chat etc

Origin of the Company: USA, Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in year 1994 way before Google came into existence.



So these were top 10 tech global companies who are making profit and revenue every second.


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