How to Pay Income Tax Online in India?

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How to Pay Income Tax Online in India?

The important thing to remember here is that intentionally tax officials will be considered as tax evasion to save income from income.

How to Pay Income Tax Online in India
How to Pay Income Tax Online in India

In some instances of tax allowance, not declaring interest earned on fixed deposits in banks and obtaining income in cash and not including routing it through the official system.

Income tax authorities in India have allowed individuals to self-assess their income and they can pay taxes accordingly.

However, many individuals believe that there is only one drop in the ocean for their income tax return officers and hence they do not return their return.

There is a possibility that people, who do not file their returns, will get payment notice from the Income Tax Department.

How to Pay Income Tax Online?

Step-by-step process to pay income tax online –

  1. The person will have to do this for the first time that opening a net banking account with any 26 authorized banks in India.

  2. Then, they have to go to and click on the option called ‘Pay Tax Online’, which can be found as one of the many links available on the left side of the website.

  3. Then, the online invoice is to be filled and can be found in the FAQ section of the appropriate help website to enter the details in this invoice.

  4. Then, tax payments should be made online through a net-banking account.

  5. After completing the payment, it will instantly see an invoice counterfoil on the screen and it will have a number called invoice identification number or CIN number. This number should be quoted at the time of filing an online return. Therefore, the person can print counterfoil either or he can save a copy of the same on his computer.

  6. It will be possible to check, whether the payment he made has reached the income tax department at CIN based view option.

Like pay taxes online’, there will be an option called ‘file return online’, in which people can easily fulfill their income tax file return responsibilities.

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