Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad without Investment

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Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad without Investment

Finding part-time jobs in Hyderabad is really a daunting task. Earlier, there were many options for students, housewives and even employed people who were not satisfied with their salary. Part-time jobs like office desk jobs, data entry jobs, insurance agents, network marketing, call center jobs, freelance writing and many others were popular in a city like Hyderabad but now one day, you will find it difficult to get these part-time options Hyderabad.

Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad
Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad

But with the continuous increase in the online market, relatively easy to find online jobs in Hyderabad. So if you are ready to earn online jobstation then just check that Madho Reddy is earning more than 30,000 by working 1-2 hours on the Internet from Hyderabad and that too without any investment.

How Madho started part time jobs in Hyderabad on eBay

All this started 2 years ago when Madho wanted to sell his old mobile and wanted to buy the latest BlackBerry Mobile. Although Madhu did not earn a lot of money from her high school teachers, she is the latest mobile amateur and she is crazy to buy the latest after 2-3 every month. After not finding any locks for their old mobile, they decided to sell their mobile through online classified sites.

After listing his mobile on free classified sites, he came in an advertisement about eBay and listed a free listing on eBay to sell his mobile. With 24 hours, 1 person from Hyderabad responded and paid online on eBay for his old mobile. The good thing about this transaction was that he had earned 500 / – more than his desired value at a desired value.

She did this again when one of her friends wanted to sell such a thing at a certain price and Madho sold it to keep an extra margin for her friend. Now he wanted to test the depth of the river. They thought of setting up some solid part-time jobs through eBay. He started watching one of the best mobile dealer in Hyderabad, who sells mobile at affordable rates compared to mobile. They get the best price for 2-3 latest mobile phones and without buying a mobile, they listed them on eBay.

In the next 3-4 days, their mobile was sold. Then he bought the mobile and sent it to buyers. After considering all the expenditure he earned a profit of Rs.1200 / – and it was not bad. Then, he went a step further to give the touch of a profession. They decided to buy mobile with bulk from the distributors directly with some credits.

Its profit was better value and not much investment. The result was that he was selling in the volume. They used low margins and high volume and great customer support policy. He is a power seller on and established one of the best part-time jobs in Hyderabad.

Set up similar part time jobs in Hyderabad

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