Why Did Not I Start My Blog on a Free Blog Website?

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Why Did Not I Start My Blog on a Free Blog Website?

When a blogger starts blogging, he usually chooses a free blog hosting service. Later, he moved into a premium service.

I should say that they have to be forced to migrate to the premium service because there are serious problems with free blog websites.

Blogger-Free Blog Website
Blogger-Free Blog Website

I have reduced 10 problems with the free blog website

  1. Low bandwidth speed

First and foremost is the bandwidth speed of a hosting site. Generally, this is good for platforms like Blogger but still it is very slow.

When traffic increases, there are problems while uploading your blog. The bandwidth speed is very low and you can not get high speed.

It is very important that the speed of the bandwidth should be high so that visitors can not move away from your website. Thus, if you are hosting your blog on free platform then the following bandwidth speed is the main concern.

  1. Limited options for templates and themes

Then the next problem is designing your blog. The templates offered by free websites are very limited and do not match your preference.

If you want a template which is good then it should not be available because they provide very limited template designs, in fact only a dozen.

Similarly, there is no theme in free blog websites. If they are giving free themes, then this is a very bad aesthetics.

Every blogger knows the importance of templates and themes for the blog. If you do not have quality templates and themes, then you can not attract visitors to your blog.

It’s a big problem with free blogging platforms.

  1. Troubleshooting Anything

You will find it very difficult to customize layout and design. The choice or control given in the free blogging platform is very limited.

For example, if you want to keep widgets or other controls on your blog, then this is not all that possible.

Similarly, it is very difficult to customize fonts, images and videos. You do not get diversity, because the options are very limited.

  1. Can not make any plug-in or software

You can not add any plug-in or software to the blog. Today a blog integrates all the latest technology but you can not do it with a free blog site.

You can not integrate the software

  1. Forum software
  2. Mail Software
  3. Billing Software
  4. Survey Software
  5. Chat Software

This software is essential for any blog to generate traffic and generate revenue. You will find it very difficult to integrate the above techniques on your free blog.

Even if you are able to integrate them even then you do not have control or they do not work the way you want.

  1. Placing ads on your blog

You create a blog to make money and generate revenue. But a free blog website does not allow you to generate the desired amount.

You will not be able to make profits for the hard work you are doing because you will find it very difficult to keep advertising on your blog.

The reason for this is that you do not have control over the layout of your blog. As I said earlier, the free template you chose will not allow the advertisement to be the way you wanted it.

You have to leave a lot of money on the table because you do not have enough control over the free blogging platform.

  1. Not designed to reduce bounce rates

Putting Visitors on Your Blog It is very important to generate sales from affiliate marketing or revenue through other channels. But with a free hosting you can do it.

You do not have any means to reduce bounce rates to prevent visitors from getting away from your website.

Good templates, themes and lack of proper design increase bounce rates. So, when you are using free hosting platforms, you will have serious problems.

  1. Other guests can not create an account for bloggers and allow

If you want to invite other bloggers to write on your blog then you can not. It is very difficult to give permission on the free hosting platform or to create an account for them.

This is a serious limitation of the free blog website. On the other hand, for premium service, you can do it very easily.

That’s why I do not want to host my blog on a free platform.

  1. Very poor navigation structure of a free blog

The navigation structure of a free blog is very bad. If you have noticed a free blog then it is very difficult to navigate to other pages because it has not been systematically organized.

Your visitors will not be on the blog for a long time because you do not have the proper navigation to send to other blog posts.

The lack of design in a free blog website does not allow you to create a smooth navigational structure.

  1. Not able to brand your blog and not as a blogger

Due to the above 8 problems mentioned above with the free hosting platform, you can not create your blog name or brand and as a blogger.

It is very important that you develop a brand name for your blog during the time. Every blogger

You are serious about blogging, and never trust free hosting platforms.

  1. There is no possibility of becoming a web entrepreneur from Blogger

After all, if I have fulfilled the above, then I would say that the free blogging website will not allow you to become a web entrepreneur from Blogger. On the Internet, you start as a blogger and then you become a webmaster with your small business. Let this happen and make the right decision. It is better to choose a hosting platform that offers to become a successful web entrepreneur. Never go for a free blog hosting platform. You can get started with this, but go to the best hosting platform as soon as possible.

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