Why You Do Not Like Google Adsense?

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Why You Do Not Like Google Adsense?

Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense
Google Adsense-Make Money with Google Adsense

Blogging is a big thing that people who understand the full meaning of blogging, they will always get success in their online ventures, but without knowing anything about blogging, only with the failure of people who started a blog for Arinining Money Become friends only.

Not even newbie bloggers, but people who know blogging well, they will think about monetizing their blog, ask any blogger, the program wants to monetize your blog and the final answer is Google Adsense will be.

It is clearly saying that I had earned some quick money in blogosphere, but as I exposed to more and more blogging, I came to understand that it is not just about making money, but something like that Which connects you with different people in the world.

My main objective was to get approval from Adsense, but today, for me, making money has an entirely different meaning. Now I do not like Adsense at all. Forget about Adsense, I do not like PPC advertising. Why is it? Well, read on.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a earning program that pays you per click. After getting approved by AdSense, ads will be shown on your blog and Google will pay you based on how many clicks you get on the ads.

Thus it is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program. Every blogger dreams of getting approval from AdSense, when I dream completely in different directions. Why read?

Is it good ?

Of course this is not good, this is the best PPC network today, it provides the best returns compared to other PPC advertising networks. Adsense can get you $ 1 to $ 10 per click, if you have a popular blog with more traffic, then the above numbers can move forward.

You have the ability to become the biggest money maker of your blog. If you are looking for a pay-per-click program in your blog then this would be the biggest deal.

Why do people use Google Adsense?

Using a Adsense can be a boon for bloggers, as mentioned above, this is the best pay-per-click (PPC) program and provides more money per click compared to other PPC programs. Other reasons to use Adsense are to earn some money and pay your hosting bill or some membership fee.

Google Adsense Rectangular Ad Unit
Google Adsense Rectangular Ad Unit

There are quite a few blogs with great earnings from AdSense and other blogs that rely solely on Google AdSense. Earning Money This is another reason that people go for Adsense.

They see some people making more money than Adsense and think that if people make thousands by Google Adsense they can also do that. But I do not think you can.

What is the use of using Google Adsense?

People who bid for Anonymous Money use Adsense but they do not know that you are promoting your rival blog. Shocking, huh ?

But it is possible that it is possible that you are facing a tough time moving forward with any other blog and that blog owner is also trying to do the same. In this race, they can spend a few dollars and can take the help of Google AdWords to promote their blog. And what if his ad is displayed on your blog?

Business-How to Start Small Business
Business-How to Start Small Business

Your readers will surely be attracted to the keywords used in your blog if your blog is very popular then you do not have to worry about this kind of strategy, but if you are trying to create a blog I suggest you stay away from Adsense.

Once you have a large number of loyal readers, you can try a large number of customers. But do not rely solely on it to use other programs to enjoy a steady income flow.

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