Network Marketers Really a Brighter Future in India?

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Network Marketers Really a Brighter Future in India?

Marketing is such an event which is growing in the whole world and there is no exception in India. Marketing is a versatile area but here we will talk about network marketing in particular.

Generally, network marketing can be of two types, the first is online network marketing and the second is offline. Here, we will discuss about both of them.

Network Marketers
Network Marketers

Network marketing is slightly different from general marketing though the basics are the same. We will touch some points in this article.

Why is this question?

First of all, the question will be why we are talking about a network marketer specifically for India. Is there a bright future of network marketers in India?

Well! There is no direct answer to this question. In networking marketing you have to create a network of people under your control. You need leadership quality to expand the network.

As I said network marketing can be of two types online and offline. In India, compared to offline marketers online network marketers have very little chance. We will discuss this in the next paragraph.

If you want to work hard and learn new things, then you can succeed in offline network marketing. Otherwise, this can be difficult, however offline networking marketing does not require any special qualifications.

Network marketing in India and abroad

In India, when it comes to network marketing, things are different in comparison to countries like the United States. The main difference is that offline network marketing in India is more popular than online.

Offline network marketing is favorable to Indian marketers because you require less intellectual capacity in offline marketing. This means that if you do not have sound educational background then you can also become a successful network marketer.

However, in countries like the United States, you see more online network marketers because your work will be done online here. You need a computer with internet and you have to create an online network. That is why it requires many studies and writing skills. So you need some academic background.

Thus, this is the main difference between network marketers in India and abroad.

4 main problems with network marketing

The future of network marketing can be wrong online or offline due to misconception or misconception. Due to these three main problems network marketers fail in India or abroad.

If you are also a network marketer, keep these 4 points in your mind. If you are not clear about them then you can not succeed.

  1. This is not a proven system

The first issue is that network marketing is never proven system. This means there is no definite formula that can be applied to get desired results. Many new network marketers generally think that network marketing is a proven system and they have to follow a few steps to succeed.

It does not work like this. There is no predefined blueprints or models you can follow and make thousands of dollars in a few days.

You need to develop your system and you have to do a lot of work to do this. Money comes only after generating leads and turning it into customers. If you want to succeed, then you have to know these tips and tips.

Therefore, there is no silver bullet called “proven system”.

  1. 90% of network marketing companies are fake

This is the biggest problem with network marketers. Almost every network marketing companies look like scams. Whether you talk about SpeakAssia, City limousine, Enmart, Aryup or Stockguru, they have deceived millions of Indian people by thousands of rupees. You can not trust any company currently operating in India.

It is very difficult to see your future with such companies. You will not have any idea when these companies will lock their office and run away. Once they disappear, you have to find another company and another one.

  1. Not everyone can be a network marketer

Normally, when it comes to network marketing, then people are misinformed. They just go online and search for things that can enrich them very quickly.

And they fell into the trap of so-called experts who are selling fake programs that promise to enrich you overnight. I tell you clearly that there is no such thing on the internet which will make you rich immediately.

Thus, if you believe that you can make money through network marketing without any effort, time and patience, then you can never become a network marketer.

This line only comes when you are very willing to work very patiently.

  1. Network Marketing is all about selling hardcode

The third problem with network marketing is that people think that there is nothing to sell it. My dear, here you have to sell products to customers. And up-selling is a very difficult task.

Therefore, if you think that network marketing does not sell you and you only earn money by generating leads or by getting new members, then you are wrong.

In addition to selling products, you need great communication skills in both speaking and writing. It does not matter if you are online network marketer or offline or not.

You can not escape selling, so you need to develop that skill.

Why is it difficult for the Indians?

Yes network marketing can be difficult for Indians, because still marketing in India as a career is not liked by young college students. So awareness about marketing is very low.

Even if they know about it, they have no information about network marketing. Network marketing is not particularly popular in the US online in India.

Therefore, the lack of awareness among the students becomes very difficult to become a network marketer.

What is the best option in India as a network marketer?

After all this talk, I do not want to disappoint you because if you really want to be a network marketer then there can be a way out.

I suggest that you stay in India, be the best option to become an offline network marketer. Being online is very difficult because you need to learn many things and this requires a lot of academic background.

So keep in mind that not everyone has an intellectual background level, a person can easily become offline network marketers.

Here, you need to get new members to join the company for which you are working. You have to enroll new members within your network. You can easily do this by making offline advertising through newsletters, booklets, posters, etc.

It will not require an educational background, you can start even if you have 10 + 2. So you can give offline network marketing opportunity.


After all, I will conclude by saying in India, if it is going for offline marketing then there can be a bright future of network marketers. Online network marketing is very difficult and it is still not popular in the United States like India.

Therefore, you only have to find your way into offline network marketing.

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