Make Money Using Ebooks

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Make Money Using Ebooks

What is an ebook?

Ebook is also called electronic book. Cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary describes Electronic book also called E-book as a book that is published in electronic form, for example on the internet or on a disc andnot printed on paper.

We have seen what is ebook or electronic book. If you are not aware internet is source of millions of ebooks on all topics on earth. We have e-book written on all topics here. There are tons of free ebooks available too. But very few have realized the potential of ebooks to make money on internet.

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Ebook on Mobile
Ebook on Mobile

Ebooks presents a great opportunity to make money. Writing and publishing ebook isan easy task too. You are not required to be a master of English if you like to write ebooks. All you have to possess is an ability to inform and educate people in the subject you choose effectively.

To begin with you must have a subject. A subject should be selected on the basis of demand and knowledge. You must be passionate and informed about the subject. You must have enough knowledge in the subject you are going to write. Once you have a subject you have to research extensively to make addition to the topic.

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Remember people love updated new information. They are in a hurry. They want all at once. Once you have a topic start writing the ebook.

A ebook should be written in the PDF format. You must have adobe full version installed in your computer. Adobe means you can market your book to viewers from Windows and Mac. You can use simple word processor like MS Word, and other MS office application to give it attraction.

How to write an Ebook?

An ebook should be written in simple English. You are not aiming a booker prize or things like that. You are here to share the expertise you have with people and in the process you are looking to make money. Do not use color fonts unless it is necessary.

Ebooks-Books in Digital Form
Ebooks-Books in Digital Form

Because people read better in Black and White. Make your sentences small so that people grasp the topic better. Do not drag the topic longer because that will not help you. People buy ebooks from you to learn a topic and they are looking for quality not quantity.

How to price you Ebook?

You have to price it carefully. Too much price will make it a non starter. Too little price would mean you earnnothing and the potential ebook reader would suspect whether it is worth.

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How to market an ebook?

Ebooks-How to Sell Ebooks Online
Ebooks-How to Sell Ebooks Online

You have to write a business page of your ebook.It must have a description of the book you plan to sell. This is also called your sales page. If you are ready to sell it your self using various options available on internet you can do it. Else if you have a good quality book you can use services like Clickbank which specialises in selling ebooks.

You can use different methods to market your ebook-

  1. You can create a web page and build blogs to support it.

  2. You can use google adwords to promote your ebook.

  3. You can use articles to promote your ebook.

  4. Your ebook readers will market it themselves virally in the blogs and forums making it lot easier for you.

  5. As I told there internet is a place for millions of ebooks.

  6. We practically have hundreds of ebooks written on all topics here. But internet is not fully exploited to make money with ebooks. Many ebook writers do not know how to make money from it.

  7. There are hundreds of ebooks available on internet for free distribution. People also allow you to fix a price for them.

  8. Usually these ebooks come along with other ebooks or puchases to induce you to make purchase.

  9. We have seen quite a few instances of people making good money with these ebooks.

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