How to Make Money as a Tech Savvy?

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How to Make Money as a Tech Savvy?

If you are technical savvy then it is very good for you because with this knowledge you can earn a lot of money. There are many areas for this type of person. You can start an uptime monitoring service, you can offer hosted email or you can provide load tests. Some other web hosting resale are –

How to Make Money as a Tech Savvy?
How to Make Money as a Tech Savvy?

There are many ways to make money –

  1. Answer technical questions
  2. Start an uptime monitoring service
  3. Offer Hosted Email
  4. Provide Load Test
  5. Provide offsite backup service
  6. Start a Domain Registrar
  7. Web Hosting Resale
  8. Host game or chat server
  9. Host platform
  10. Install Application for Others
  11. Provide application testing
  12. Sell SSL Certificates

Answer Technical Questions – Sites such as specialist BSP provide a place for people to ask questions and specify the price to be paid for the answer.

Start an uptime monitoring service – There are software packages that will see the website for uptime, send alerts and provide reports. Buy one of these packages and resell the hosted service.

Offer hosted email – Setting up an email server, blocking spam and ensuring that it is locked to relay, is the pain for most webmasters. Provide an easy way for them to outsource the entire service to you.

Provide load testing – Load heavy traffic loads against websites, it provides a report on how to respond.

Provide offsite backup service – Rent a large amount of storage space from a server and datacenter and provide remote storage space via FTP or other method for Gigabyte monthly charges per storage.

Start a domain registrar – sites like TuCows will make you a personal label domain registrar, where you will benefit from not only the initial sale, but the renewal.

Resale Web Hosting – You can find many sites offering reseller hosting packages at WebHosting Talk. You simply rent the server space, divide it and sell it again. Sometimes support is required.

Set up a Linux box in the host game or chat server – the datacenter and you can make voice chat and game server 24 × 7 available. People will pay to use them.

Host Forums – Software like SebFlipper that will allow you to host hundreds of different forums from the same web server. Charge your members to host a forum with you, or offer it to free and run on all pages.

Install applications for others – People are constantly hanging out and seeking help with installs on websites. Install software for them and charge for it.

Provide app testing – Manually test websites on various OS and browser combinations and provide a report of your findings.

Sell ​​SSL Certificates – The ability to resell another service SSL certificates provided by TuCows and others.

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