How to Make Money By Selling Websites?

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How to Make Money By Selling Websites?

There are few steps and guidelines to follow when it comes to create websites. They are – 

How to Make Money By Selling Websites
How to Make Money By Selling Websites

How to Create a Website?

Search For Niche

Finding a Niche on which you can create your website is the most important step. You can use and other keyword selection sites to choose a Niche.

You must create a Niche that people will be interested in. Google and yahoo searches can also help you in finding a Niche. You can find a lot of content writers online to write content for your websites.

You have to Buy a Domain and Hosting

Make sure your keywords are there in the domain name. Buy a domain and cheap web hosting account to create your websites. Follow the principles in selecting the domain and hosting accounts. Select a hosting account which is easy to transfer etc.

Create a Website

Have your contents written and create a simple logo other details when creating website.

Grow Your Traffic –

The website must generate some amount of traffic before you sell it. Without enough traffic your website is a non-entity.

You have to Monetise Your Website

Monetize your website also with Google adsense and other PPC services. You must find enough affiliate products to promote with your website. You can find a lot of products online to promote via your website. Your website must make money and organic traffic before you sell it.

You have to List your Website to Sell

Forums like Digital point, etc offers this service. Find forums and other websites that lists websites to sell. Provide the details about the traffic and income.  You must readily provide traffic statistics and income proofs.

Now Fix Your Website Price

Negotiate with the prospective buyers for a price.

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