How to Make Money Selling Photos Online?

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How to Make Money Selling Photos Online?

Do you like taking pictures? Do you know that you can actually make money by selling these pictures online. Now you have to think, I’m crazy. How to earn money by selling online photos? Millions of free images and photos are available online so why people will buy my photos.

How to Make Money Selling Photos Online?
How to Make Money Selling Photos Online?

You can find software, eBooks, music and even movies online for free, but still millions of people buy them online because it is not legal.

Likewise, there are millions of news sites, online businesses, blogs, advertising agencies, media etc. that require high quality digital images to update on their website. They do not look for free images, instead they buy it from popular online photo agencies.

You can sign up with these online photo agencies and upload your digital photos to these websites. You can decide the purchase price of your photos. When someone buys your picture, you will get some good commission on the basis of the photo agency.

You do not have to be an expert photographer. And you do not even need any expensive camera to take photographs. If you like photography and want to pay for this hobby, then you can start selling these photos online and earn good commissions.

How to sell your photos online?

So if you want to make money by selling your digital photos, then this is the way how you can get it started.

Where can you sell photos?

Although there are many places where you can sell your photos. Here are some popular online photo agencies where you can sell your photos.


iStockphoto 2000 was started by Bruce Livingstone. Initially, downloading images from iStockPhoto was free, but after the website grew up, they started charging the buyer to download royalty-free images.

You can earn commission from 22% to 45%. Read more on how you can become a contributor.


One of the leading photo stock websites with international presence. You will be paid by PayPal or Moneybookers. Visit Stockxpert for details.


Photolia is a low-cost stock photography site, offering over 16 million images for publication and advertising at a cost of $ 0.75 per month. Photolia images are mostly from semi-pro and amateur photographers, though the photos are of equal quality. Photolia photographers earn 30% -60% of sales revenue from their images.


Crestock microprump is a growing player in royalty-free stock photography, with small budget customers getting creative images for their projects. With a fast and dependable image upload system, Crestok also provides a great platform for photographers and painters to license their creative work. Check this commission table to know how much you will earn by uploading your images.

Dream time

DreamTime is a big player in stock photography that offers high-resolution images at very reasonable prices. By January 2012, they have 4.5 million registered subscribers, 0.13 million contributing photographers and 13 million online images. With over 11 million unique unique visitors, the agency is third in the stock photography audience and worldwide image licensing. Learn more about Dreamstime.


One of the best companies to believe in giving more to photographers for their hard work. They contribute approximately 60% of the contributions to the photographers, and till date they have paid more than $ 110 million. Start selling images on the alarm.


If you deposit your photos and even small footage, then you can reach more than 500,000 shutterstock customers from 150 countries. If you want to know how much you can earn by selling photos at the shutterstock, then you can see this earning schedule.

123RF is a royalty-free MicroStock image library, which is also a targeted customer and community-based website. platform allows photographers, painters and designers to display their photographs, vectors, paintings and designs, allowing them to promote and sell their works to international audiences. Visit this link to learn more about monetization.


Corbus Corporation is a company located in Seattle, Washington, which licenses the rights of photographs, footage and other visual media. It has a collection of more than 100 million images and 500,000 video clips.

Corbis offers a single, integrated online agreement for all new contributors with a very competitive royalty rates. They do not take “foreign office fees” and provide a simple and transparent royalty calculation for all online contract holders.

Contributors have 3 options to sell their images. You can choose between exclusive, co-specific, and non-specific representation rights. If you go for exclusive rights, you can make the highest royalties but you can not upload those images anywhere. Find more frequently asked questions as a contributor to Corbis here.

Getty images

Gettyimages have different stock photo agency than many of the sites provided above. It will be difficult to sign up and submit photos to other royalty free photo sites. Royalty for the contributor photographers is much better. Check this Getty Images Contributor Community before signup.

Criteria for uploading photos

Once you are at the online photo agency site, you can read your frequently asked questions about the need for uploaded photos. If you do not follow their criteria and T & C then your uploads will be rejected.

Here are some common rules –

  • Some websites ask photos of minimum size as 1MB but some may also ask 4 MB.
  • You have to take all the photos at the best quality with maximum focus.
  • JPEG is standard format. You can also use other formats like PNG, GIF etc.
  • RGB color formats
  • Some sites accept any type of picture, but some have restrictions on some specific topics.
  • Aspect ratio should be set to normal.
  • You have to use a good quality camera (some sites also suggest some specific cameras).

How much can you earn by selling photos?

Your earnings depend on many factors. Here are some factors that affect your earnings for selling pictures-

Stock photography site

Different websites pay different commissions. Some websites pay less as 20% of the sales amount, and some websites pay 80% more of the commission. Your commission is high, your earnings will be your earnings.

But chances are, you will get more sales on less commissioned sites, while with high commission due to high popularity.

Below your photography

Some photos may be higher in demand and some may be lower. Some photos can be sold at a higher price but some pictures can be sold at a lower price. So you have to find the trend that is unsaturated, there is less competition and which can be sold at a higher price.

Promotion of your seller page

You will not earn much by just creating a seller account and uploading your photos. You need to promote your vendor page so that more people visit your store and buy your photos. You have several ways to promote it

  • Share your store page on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, G +, Pinterest, etc.
  • Bookmark your page’s links on social, SG sites like Digg, Reddit, Stambling, etc.
  • Read the photography blog and leave good quality comments.
  • Write guest articles on such photography blogs.
  • Join the photography forum and stay active by asking questions and answering questions.

Quality of photos

High quality photos sell at a higher price. To achieve the highest quality, you have to learn the art of photography. If necessary, you should be able to use Photoshop to snap your photos and give other finishing.

Some resources where you can learn photography and photoshop-

  • Top 100 photography blogs
  • YouTube channel on photography
  • Photoshop Tutorials

• Another website for learning Photosho

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