Make Money by Joining Oxado Pay Per Click Program

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Make Money by Joining Oxado Pay Per Click Program

Question : What is Oxado?

Answer : Oxado is the Pay per click program

Oxado is the another PPC (Pay per click program) in the industry which offers animated advertisements and Guaranteed high CTR compared with other pay per click program and also a better alternative for Google AdSense too.

Oxado launched year     :  2005

Owned and Managed by          :  Jacques Caron and Laurent Poupet.

Publisher Network                  :  More than 19000 Publishers

Payment Option            :  Through Cheque, Paypal and Moneybookers.

Oxado Pay Per Click Program
Oxado Pay Per Click Program

Oxado having wide publisher network more than 19000 publishers under their belt. Oxado based on France and they offer payments in Euro.

  1. Oxado had good potential of advertisers and publishers and more than 5 million impressions through 19000 publishers websites throughout USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

  2. Oxado sent payment to their publishers every month whenever publishers reaches 100 Euros.

  3. Oxado accepts publishers and traffic from India

  4. Another great future from Oxado is they shows the relevant keyword along with ads shown in the publisher websites.

  5. Its very useful to every publishers to know which keyword used to display the ads and find the targeted advertisers keyword.

  6. Also different sizes and variety of ad formats available for Oxado publishers.

  7. This future will differentiate Oxado from other PPC programs and drastically improves high CTR and there is a great chance to make more money for every web publishers.

    Oxado Pay Per Click Program
    Oxado Pay Per Click Program

Oxado ad formats :-

468 x 60, 234 x 60, 728 x 90,

728 x 100, 125 x 125, 468 x 140,

180 x 150, 120 x 240, 300 x 250,

250 x 250, 336 x 280, 180 x 300,

468 x 350, 728 x 500, 180 x 600,

160 x600, 120 x 600, 468 x 700,

180 x 1200, 160 x 1200, 180 x 1800,

160 x 1800, 180 x 2400, 160 x 2400

No one offers variety of advertisements like oxado. And easily customizable.

Other Attractive  Features :-

  1. They have animated advertisements too.

  2. Sure this will attract visitors and make them click.

  3. And Oxado accepts adults websites too.

  4. There is no restrictions for publishers an add different ad units as they wish.

  5. It is better to use larger banner formats rather than a lot of small banners.

  6. Get good CTR and to maintain high quality, use less ad units to ensure clutter free surfing experience for each visitors and make them revisit your website again.

  7. Oxado offers referral program to all publishers to invite new publishers to join as oxado publisher. If Any person who is clicking on any Oxado publishers referral link and to register as Oxado publisher is counted as being referred by them and the referrer will get 10% of his referred publisher incomes as long as referred publisher get revenue from Oxado.

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