How to Make Money through Commission Junction?

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How to Make Money through Commission Junction?

Are you the first to earn money through internet?

Really looking for an opportunity to make real money?

Worried about it, will they pay for you immediately?

Then you just prefer CJ (commission junction).

Commission Junction-Affiliate Market Place
Commission Junction-Affiliate Market Place

One of the CJ programs is: –

(i) the largest network and

(ii) Actual affiliate program

(iii) Established in 1998,

(iv) CJ, a valued company,

(v) Located in Santa Barbara, California

(vi) There are offices around the world.

(vii) However, CJ continues to provide great support and services to both publishers and advertisers.

In addition they provide dedicated support for great performance publishers.

(i) CJ networks have various types of products and services that promote their affiliate network.

(ii) Any kind of webmasters or website related products available in CJ due to the huge variety of advertisers in commission junction.

how to start :-

  1. Through affiliate programs through CJ, you only need to make money online, only need one website.
  2. Apply for CJ,
  3. After receiving the approval from them, login to your CJ account using the Mail ID which applies to the CJ and password.
  4. Copy the HTML code of a specific product to your appropriate product related to your website and paste it into the appropriate area on your web page where your ads are shown.
  5. When a customer or visitor of your website clicks on the publisher’s link, a cookie is set on the visitor’s computer, which remembers and recognizes the link to that specific advertiser.
  6. Whenever the visitor of your website performs actual purchase or defined work by the advertiser, the transaction is tracked and recorded by the unique technique of commission junction.
  7. On recording the transaction, CJ handles all the collections and processing required to ensure fair and timely commission payment for the publisher.
  8. This action ensures quality sales for the advertiser.

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