List of WordPress Blogs Using Top WordPress Commentator Plugin

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List of WordPress Blogs Using Top WordPress Commentator Plugin

When it comes to link building, it is a good idea to go for a targeted link building campaign when time is low.

Wordpress Plugin-Top WordPress Commentator Plugin
WordPress Plugin-Top WordPress Commentator Plugin

Here I am sharing a list of WordPress blogs using the top commentator plugin. If you are on the top commentator list on such a blog, then you will get backlink for a long time and this is really beneficial for the new blog.

Although maintaining a list of active blogs with the top commenter plugin is difficult, but here I will share some suggestions that will help you end your search for the top commenter blog list for link building.

I have already written a post how the comment can help you get 1000+ customers in a few days. Another good aspect of the comment is that it increases backlinks, creates traffic and relationships. The most effective way to make a comment is to add comments to the Dopheollow blog, to use the signature in the Doffol Forum and comment on the blog with the top commentator WordPress Plugin. See my list of Dofollow Forum Listings.

The top commentator WordPress plugin will show the commentator with the highest commentary and the top commentator will get backlink from that website. It would be a great idea to use your anchor text as a comment on this blog and like to comment on the blog with a high PR.

I tried to come up with a list of blogs which are using the top commentator plugin on May 11, 2009. If you believe that a blog plugin has been removed, inform us using the comment form so that I can update the list and keep it fresh forever.

Blog with top commenter plugin installed:

Update: Many of these blogs have removed the top commentator widget and I will update the list soon.

In the meantime, you can also look at  ways to generate backlinks to find more ways to create links to your website.

  • TylerCruz

The list can be endless. So for now I would recommend that you take a look at these blogs and add valuable comments and try to backlink. Even if you use your blog as a keyword name, but add valuable comments, a blogger will ignore your acceptance of comments.

Also easy to fill the comment form with a single click see also the Firefox plugin.

Google search tip to find blog with top commenter plugin:

As I mentioned above, people continue to add and remove plugins for top commenters. So here, I’m sharing a Google search trick that will help you find all the blogs that are using the top commenter plugin:

Go in search

To learn more about link building tips, do not forget to subscribe to this blog. If your blog uses the top commentator plugin, be sure to add your blog to the comments.

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