You Have Just Started Blogging – Are You Checking Where It is Going?

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You Have Just Started Blogging – Are You Checking Where It is Going?

Blogging among the youth has become very popular not only for making money, but also a serious career option. Thousands of young bloggers worldwide join the blogosphere every day.

However, they are not all successful as bloggers. Many people get out because they do not have the determination and passion to continue blogging.

Blogging Clients for Linux
Blogging Clients for Linux

If you have decided to continue and want to become a successful blogger then you have to give a check where your blog is actually running.

You need to check at these points below.

Blog’s exact niche

First of all, you have to separate the exact location of your blog. If you fail to do so, online readers will never know what your blog is.

Whenever a visitor enters your blog, then he should be able to appreciate what you are writing about.

Probably, this is the biggest challenge that Blogger has to face. Some bloggers who are quite smart, have a clear picture of what a blog is.

However, many people fail to appreciate the exact niche or topic of their blogs and they are not successful.

Therefore, your blog should be able to tell what it is about online people.

Content that you are creating

After this you will have to check the quality of the material you are writing everyday. If you do not have anything unique and informative to offer then readers can not be interested in it.

If you are unable or unwilling to make good content then you have no future as a blogger.

A good material can not be made so easily. As you have to spend time reading and researching data on the Internet. It is very painful and requires very patience.

Younger bloggers generally lack patience because they are in a hurry.

Therefore, your content should provide something interesting to readers, rather than a randown.

Initial feedback from readers

From the moment when you first launched your blog while reading this blog, you have to capitalize on the feedback given by your readers.

After reading the blog post, it can be comments or feedback given by them. You need to follow those questions and answer what they are asking.

If you fail to do so, then you are losing your blog rights and also as a blogger.

To improve your blogging, you need to know what your readers are asking. Whenever you are uploading a blog post, you have to worry about their problem and provide solutions.

Thus, the answer to the initial reaction of your readers will separate you from other bloggers.

Daily number of daily visitors

Next is the unique visitor traffic or number that comes to your blog. You can use this free tool like Google Analytics to find it.

To make your blog a success, you need to take heavy traffic on your blog. You also need to know the type of visitors coming to your blog. We will talk about it in a great detail in the next paragraph.

But the point at which I want to make here is that if your blog is to be in tough competition then traffic is probably the most important factor.

Therefore, you need to find ways to get unique and quality traffic to your blog.

Recognize as your audience

Here again I recommend using Google Analytics to identify your blog audience.

You only need traffic but quality traffic. Only quality traffic revenue or money can generate the way you wanted.

You should know what kind of people are coming to your blog. Their demographics and more importantly, is what their purchasing power is.

If you have a great purchasing power with traffic coming to your blog then you can earn a lot of money. So to attract quality traffic you have to write according to their need and demand.

Use Google Analytics and other such tools to dig deeper into your audience.

Plot disappearing – Blogging or marketing?

There is a subtle difference between blogging and marketing. You have to check whether you are blogging or marketing.

There is more about blogging writing skills and marketing to do more with selling products.

You can do both, but it is relatively easy with blogging marketing, though marketing is more money than blogging.

I suggest that you focus only on blogging, after that you can go to marketing.

Therefore, it is important to find out if you are blogging or marketing.

Explosions of SEO and Leveraging Social Media

Today a blog is successful only when it is optimized for a search engine and integrated with various social media platforms.

As a blogger, you should never at least understand the power of SEO. Although you do not have to learn SEO as an expert but you can learn its basics.

Choose keywords that represent your niche closely.

In the end, your success as a blogger will be evaluated by the monthly income. If you are unable to generate a beautiful income after hard work then you may be wrong somewhere. You need to check all of the points mentioned above. When you are moving in the right direction, you will earn only money. Yes, every new blogger should check the reality after starting blogging. The points in this article can definitely help them to improve their blog.

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