How to Write Amazing Contents to Your Blog?

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How to Write Amazing Content to Your Blog?


When you write a new article you should ask yourself “Would I read this?”. If the answer is no, then you need to go about changing it. This is very simple way to know about your article that your article is good or not, people will want to read or not. You may add some good quality images and edit your grammar or change the title.

If you want to write an excellent article then you should spend time making all your articles or blog posts excellent because these will help your website. Since, the better the post, the more people will read it. The more people read it means more people like it, the more people will share it and pass it on to their friends.

If your article is an excellent to read for the readers then this is great for you because it increases both your reputation and, more importantly, traffic to your website. This is very simple rule that the more traffic you get, the more money you can earn.

Content Writing
Content Writing

Now I will tell you important steps by which you can write excellent articles to your blog and you may get more traffic through those articles.

1. Headline Title – This is very important part of any article you want to write to your blog for reading by the people. If you want that number of persons will read your article than the first and most thing is that your Headline title should be attractive. Headline Title may be short means this should not too lengthy so that the reader will bore. You should use Top List, Top 10, Top 5 or Top 100 in your Headline Title. These type of Headlines attract the readers. You should also use some tips and tricks.

For Example – Top 10 Steps to Write Excellent Articles to Your Blog. Top List of World Cricketers etc.

2. Write something that people want to read! – As there are everything on internet. If you type anything in search box, you will get your answer. The main target should be readers. What readers want to read? If you write the articles on the topic those are more reading than it is good for you, because your article will also read more and more if people like that topics. So write something that people want to read.

For Example- Write on Finance, Sport, Money Making Online, Technical Article etc.

3. Easy to read – Some bloggers write typical language so that everyone will not find in easy to read and they leave that article and search next. If your article is easy to read and easy to understand than everyone may read your article easily and meaning will be cleared in his/her mind of your article. Write in Easy language and also in easy manners.

For Example- What is blog?- Blog is an online diary writing. Here you may write anything day by day online. Something important so that readers may read and take some advantage from your writing.

4. Consistency – Consistency in your article can make you so professional. If you want to be professional blogger then you maintain consistency in your writing. Consistency is more important to your blogging if you want to make online money through your blog.

5. Images – If your writing skill is so good then one thing you should keep in your mind that you should also use some pictures within your article. Main thing about adding pictures within your article is that the pictures should be related to your article and some attractive.

For example – if your article is related to top Indian cricketers than you should use some pictures of Sachin Tendulkar or M S Dhoni or other cricketers.

6. Linking – This is very important that you should use links within your article. There are two types of links. First type of link is opens within your website and others open in new windows. You should use links but first of all you should know that which type of links you are using. The Links open in new windows in good because if you are using affiliate links and the links open in same windows are good if you are giving some information about something. So choose the links properly as per your requirement.

7. Article Length –  There are two types of length of article. One is short and second is long. Most of people say that shorter posts are much better than long articles because people find them easier to read and it takes less time. It is true that short article read more but if you offer quality information then longer article is more suitable. For example- Tutorial. Short posts are about 250-500 words and longer posts are about 2000-5000 words. You should choose properly your article length.

8. SEO Friendly – This is important to remember that your articles should be Search Engine friendly. Search engine friendly means you should use certain keywords within your text that search engines identify and help rank you well in searches.

9. When to Publish – Posting articles at some special time can increase traffic to your website. The best time to send articles are usually during the week, Monday to Thursday between 2 PM to 6 PM GMT.

10. Repetition is bad – If you write articles on a specific subject, then you should make sure that your next article should be some different from earlier post. This means is that there is no more repetition in writing in your blog.

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