How to use Professional Photographs for free?

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How to use Professional Photographs for free?

If you want to use the professional photographs for your website or blog then you can embed pictures from Getty Images for free of cost to your website. The important thing is that the pictures do not carry any watermark and there are no limits of viewing and you may use number of images from Getty images on your website.

Free Photo for Website
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Since, the photographs that you see on news websites are licensed and you cannot use in free on your website, however anyone can purchase the rights to use the images but it is to know that the licensing fee for those professional photographs is prohibitive for some small websites/blogs.

But Getty Images is the largest collection of pictures and it have a new feature to make their millions of professional images affordable for all and you can embed pictures form Getty Images for free on your website.

How it works?

You may embed an image from Getty website using a line of code and the most feature of this is that the embedded images may carry advertising, in future. It is very good feature for both of the parties. Getty is following the Youtube model.

Some restrictions –

There are some restrictions for using the getty image on your website. Some of them are as under –

  1. You cannot modify the size of image
  2. You cannot use images on Commercial sites
  3. Images will not be indexed by search engines

Note – If you are using Google Adsense on your blog then there is no restrictions of using the images on your blog/websites.

All Getty Images cannot embed –

There is one thing about to getty images that you can use all images to embed on your websites. When you hover your mouse over the image thumbnail and look for the embed icon. If the icon is seeing than that image is embeddable and you can click the icon to get the embed code.

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