How to Track Visitors by Google Analytics?

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There are many Way to tracking your visitors that from where the visitors are coming to see your website or blog and how much time they spend on your website etc. But Here I will show you that how to track your visitors with the help of Google Analytics. However, the time is a drawback since it updates around every couples of hours. If you have generated more traffic to your website then Google Analytics will more updates. If you have low traffic then you may use website to know about your visitors. This website or program will show you visitors within a minute of their coming onto your site. However, it stores only upto 500 visitors before its starts deleting old records.


How to Track Visitors by Google Analytics-

Now I will tell you about the Google Analytics. How to use Google Analytics for tracking visitors.

  • If you are using Blogger account –
  1. First of all you have to login in Blogger account by using your username and password.
  2. 2.    Go to your Template
  3. Now click on “Edit HTML” and paste the code into the bottom, just above the lowest <body> tag.
  4. Now go to the reports for your website. Here you will see dashboard.
  5. On your dashboard, you will see different data displays on your dashboard like-
    1. A Graph of the number of visitors
    2. A Date Window that may be dropped down, by which you may see traffic for a single or multiple days.
    3. At the bottom of the page, you will see four different boxes like Map Overlay and Traffic Sources Overview.
    4. Now if you want to see the report that where your visitors are from then you have to click on “View Report” under the “Map Overlay” Box.
    5. Here you may see the countries where the visitors are coming from.
    6. If you want to know more about the visitors then you have to go on “Detail Level” Options.
    7. In this detail level, you may see Continent, Country or Territory, Sub-Continent Region or City.
    8. h.    You may click on City option and you will see a map that will load a bunch of orange dots.
    9. The Orange dots are representing the visitors. If the dots are bigger this means the more time that visitor has visited your website.
    10. If you roll your mouse on any dots, then the city name will pop up on screen.
  • If you want to see about the traffic through the navigation bar then-
  1. First of all you have to go on Navigation bar
  2. Here you will see an option of “Traffic Sources”, here you may see so useful data collection.
  3. c.    You may click on any data collection and you may see something like “Top Traffic Sources”.
  4. Here you may see “Sources” and “keywords” headers.
  5. Under the header – “Sources”, you may see a list of people have come through what sites or search engines.
  6. Under the header – “Keywords”, you may see a list of search terms that people have found you under.

These are the major features of the Google Analytics, by which we can easily know about your visitors. The main thing is that it is free to use. There is no paid service, just you have to sign up on Google and you my use this service in free.

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