How to Start Businesses With Rs. 1 Lakh Only in India?

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How to Start Businesses With Rs. 1 Lakh Only in India?

Many unemployed people who is not having enough money can start a small business. Many people are seen to be unhappy with their jobs and try to find various different reasons to quit the job that they are presently in.

There are many businesses you can start with small amount of investment. We are going to show you at least 10 business ideas that can be started in India with One Lakh Rupees Only.

Here are some ideas that would work the best for you.

  1. Hobby Classes
  2. Party Planning Services
  3. Child Proofing Services
  4. Nanny Services
  5. Used Car Dealership
  6. Mobile Garage Services
  7. Auto Modification Services
  8. Driving School
  9. Car Storage
  10. Sport Coachings

Hobby Classes

Many people are seen to search a way to pass their time and learn a new thing at the same time. The hobby classes give them the best platform for learning new things and for pass their time.

 Party Planning Services

Todays the parties are common, these services are much in requirement. This business idea just needs that you have good contacts and a good collection of assistants.

 Childproofing Services

When parents are getting busier and the child accidents are growing frequently than the childproofing services are seen to be much in need.

 NANNY Services

Nanny services are much needed so that the parents can work efficiently and without any tension. This is same like the childproofing services.

Used Car Dealership

The commission that you will get in this process will be your income. In this business you need very less capital as you barely act as a bridge between your clients, that give you the used car and those who seek these used cars.

 Mobile Garage Service

It is not always true that mechanics are available anywhere where a car break happens. This is the time when the mobile garage comes into the existence. This business is for the engineers and for the trained mechanics. A lot of assistants and a bike are all that one needs.

 Auto Modification Service

Auto modification services come to play when imported vehicles are a dream of everyone, but it is not always true that they are able to afford one.

 Driving School

Opening a driving school is seen to be an excellent idea. Everyone has to learn driving at some point of their lives. You need a car and licence.

 Car Storage

All one needs space to keep their own clients vehicle. This idea is still very new in our country. This includes a number of short or long care of the vehicles.

 Sport Coaching –

People are getting more and more interested in sports, so this business will never get cold.Sport equipment, a place to practise and skills with sports is what all is needed to start this business.

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