How to Set Up Email Addresses?

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When you have purchased an email plan or recieving free email credits. Then you will have to set up custom email addresses using your domain name. After comleting the email set up process, your new email account and addresses should be ready t ouse within 90 minutes.

1. First of all you have to login in Account Manager

2. You have to click on email

3. If you are using a free credit then you have to go next to the account you want to use and then click on Set Up.

4. Select the credit’s type and domain name you want to use and then click on Set Up.

5. Now you have to go on next to the account you want to use, here click on Launch.

Email Address Set Up

6. Click View All to display all of your email plans.

7. Now Add in the plan you want to use.

8. The Create Mailbox Window displays.

9. Now go on the Setting tab, enter or select the following options for your new email addresses-

a. Email Address

b. Set password

c. Confirm Password

d. Space for this Mailbox

e. Make this mailbox a catchall (Optional)

10. Now you have to click on OK to complete email address setup.


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