How to Save Money on Car Rent?

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How to Save Money on Car Rent?

If you want to save money on Car rent than you have to use some tips. Here I will tell you some tips. There are some simple and easy steps you can take and save huge amount of money on car rentals.

Rent a Car
Rent a Car

Tips of saving money on Car rent –

  1. Choose Car Rentals Carefully
  2. Size of the Car
  3. Fill the Rented Car
  4. Car Rental Insurance
  5. Search for Coupons

  1. Choose Car Rentals Carefully– If you need a car rental for 10 days and you will be in one city for 7 days and another city for 3 days then book two different cars, don’t book same car because you can save few thousand rupees.  You have to be very specific about car rentals. One way is car rentals, when pick up and drop off venues are not same then the rate is double of standard rentals.
  1. Size of the Car– Use smaller cars because you don’t have to pay for extra fuel that a big car needs.
  2. Fill the Rented Car Fill up your car with cheap gas. Hence, don’t use services that fill gas tank for you because they can charge you extra money.
  3. Car Rental Insurance– Insurance and credit card companies cover for your expenses. Just pay all your bills using credit cards. So make best use of this service and you save some money.
  4. Search for Coupons Car rental companies gives discount on coupon codes. You have to visit their website and search for that offer. Here you could save some money.

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