How to Make Outstanding Content for Your Website

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How To Make Outstanding Content For Your Website

Every website needs to produce content to attract traffic. But there is a difference in just making content and producing outstanding content that people ‘want’ to read!

Today, we are going to be looking at methods of producing worthwhile content that give people valid reason to visit your website.

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We are going to be concentrating on the following subjects: Value, Tutorials/Guides, Videos, Interactive, Inspiration, Interviews


I can’t stress enough how important value is to your web content! You need to create content, no matter what the subject is, that has value! This is the main reason why people will visit your website and continue to come back. If they don’t believe that they are getting any value from visiting your site, then they won’t come back.

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There are far too many people blogging online that are looking for the ‘Easy’ post to put on their website. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as an ‘Easy’ post! That is, not if you are serious about creating a successful website. Of course, some blog entries will be easier than others, however you should still put the effort of creating quality posts that people want to read/view. It is common sense really! People are much more likely to spend time on your site if they believe that they are getting some sort of perceived value out of it, whether that be reading one of your informative tutorials, watching a video, viewing pictures, etc. If you go for the ‘Easy’ option and just produce something for the sake of putting anything on your site, then it will only serve to show to your visitors that you don’t care, that you haven’t bothered to spend time to produce something of quality, so why should they stay.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” – F. Scott Fitzgeral


One of the most popular ways of producing quality content to to write tutorials/guides. The internet is a great place to find information, but not all information is easy to follow. Producing an informative tutorial on your specialist subject that is easy to follow, is a great way of adding quality content to your website. Everybody needs to learn something that can be useful to them, be that simply of how to put up a shelf. That person would find a tutorial on the subject very helpful.

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If you are struggling to think up a relevant subject to write a tutorial on for your website, then frankly, you aren’t thinking hard enough! Think about what you didn’t know about when you started out, useful lessons that you learnt along the way, mistakes that you made in the past that you could have avoided, etc. There will always be something that someone needs to know!

Blog Videos

As well as writing tutorials, video tutorials have proven to be very popular. People find video tutorials easy to follow as they can see what they have to do.

To use the previous example, someone that wants to know how to put up a shelf will find a video demonstration of securing a shelf to a wall very useful.

You don’t just have to make video tutorials though. Video is a huge media outlet that can be used in countless different ways to produce content for your website. Competitions, real world locations, advertising, viral ads, animations, etc. You are only restricted by your own creativity!

For example, you may write a blog post about something that happened at a specific location. Taking a video at the location may better illustrate to your readers what had happened, instead of them trying to visualise it for themselves.

If a video is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

Interactive Blog Content

Another way of producing content that will keep people coming back is to make interactive content. Now most web pages have some sort of comments feature, that allows people to comment on whatever they have just seen (just like at the bottom of this page ). This is a great way for people to interact with the website and feel as though they have participated in something. Comments are just one aspect though, things like quizzes, polls, competitions, forums, etc. all can provide interesting content that people want to visit and interact with.

Blogger -How to Make Money from Blogging
Blogger -How to Make Money from Blogging

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Say you are writing a post about internet browsers and which one is the best (Firefox obviously!), then you could include a poll at the bottom of the page asking which browser people currently use. This not only gives your reader the opportunity to vote for their favourite, but it also gives you feedback by showing you what the majority of people use.


Inspiration is a very powerful thing. If you can inspire someone to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t have done, then that is a useful skill to have.

You can inspire people in many different ways, whether that be to change their opinion on something by approaching it from a different angle, or by inspiring them to start their own business.

It is OnlineIncomeTeacher‘s aim to try to inspire people to start their own website and earn money from it. We try to do this in many different ways, including writing informative tutorials and posts, making video tutorials, providing access to FREE training and more.

The more inspired people are by visiting your website, the more likely they are to invest in products or services that you promote.


Interviews can be a good way of producing targeted content for your website. If you can convince someone within your niche to do an interview with you, that can prove to be very valuable, depending on how big the person is within their field.

Interview-Outstanding Content
Interview-Outstanding Content

For example, if you produced a website about building your own home, an interview with someone that already has, or perhaps an architect, would be of significant interest to people who visit your site. They will be able to gain an alternative perspective from someone else, whilst learning about what they had to go through to achieve their dream.

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Interviews can help increase your traffic because when people search for people that you have interviewed, your site will rank higher because of it.

The key to any interview is to ask the right questions. That may sound obvious, but I have lost count of the number of interviews that I have seen where the interviewer has wasted half the interview blabbing on about totally irrelevant things, only to then rush the last part of the interview to pack in as many proper questions as they can. You need to remember that you are speaking for your website visitors, so imagine what they would want to ask them. Better yet, ask them beforehand. Publish a post asking for questions that they would want asking at your upcoming interview. This, not

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