How to Make Money with Videos?

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Question   : Are you really wanted to make money online with your Videos?

Answer      : If yes then this is the way to make money online with fun :-

  1. To Earn though this opportunity you Just need
  • A Video Camera,
  • Some Creative Ideas and
  • Some New Techniques.
  1. Then start making money online.
  2. Did you think how to make money online with a Video Camera?

 Don’t Worry, Let me tell how can you make money online with Just a Video Camera.

Question  : Did you heard about Metacafe ?

Answer : If Not! Let me tell about Metacafe

  1. It is one of the biggest video hosting companies in the world.
  2. It has a program named Metacafe’s Producer Rewards™ program.
  3. If you have great entertaining video, Metacafe calls you to make money online with your Videos.

Question : How this Program Works?

Answer : Let me tell you how this program works-      

Metacafe-Video Provider
Metacafe-Video Provider
  1. Do you have nice entertaining video to Metacafe website? If yes and your video is really entertains Metacafe’s visitors,
  2. Then you will be paid for every 1000 (One Thousand) Views of your video.
  3. Every time someone watches your video you are getting money in your pocket.
  4. Metacafe pays you $5 US dollars for every thousand views of your video.
  5. You will start receiving payments from Metacafe whenever your video reaches 20000 views and rating of 3.00 or more.
  6. It says that people really like your video. Remember your video fully owned and copyrighted by you, the license to Metacafe is non-exclusive deal.
  7. Metacafe helps you build your unique brand and website by marketing your video as well as you are making money too.

Question  : Is possible to make money with Metacafe?

Answer  : Yes,

  1. Metacafe has million unique users’ watching about 500 million videos every month.
  2. Metacafe targeted to deliver the most receptive viewers to the most entertaining content.
  3. If your video really entertain the Metacafe viewers you can earn huge money through your videos.

    How to Make Money Online
    How to Make MoneyOnline

Question : What are the qualifications for Video?

Answer : Let me explain the qualifications

 The qualifications to participate in Metacafe’s Producer Rewards™ program are  as follows:

  1. You hold full rights of your video instead of getting signed permission from all the people in the video.
  2. You are willing to give Metacafe a non-exclusive license to the videos. This means that Metacafe can promote your video on Metacafe or in any other media. (Non-exclusive means you have the right to sign similar deals with any one like Metacafe)
  3. Video must be suitable for all kind of audiences, that means no adult, erotic, violent or hateful content. Remember your Video targeted for metacafe’s views not just targeted for your friends and relatives.
  4. Videos that run between 20 seconds and six minutes long recommended. To shorter or longer videos may not qualify.
  5. Submit your videos that contains funny, amazing and cool.
  6. Before submit your video to Metacafe take a backup of your video. Metacafe cannot return videos and not guaranteed that Will suitable displayed on Metacafe. Please do not submit videos that not owned by you.
  7. Metacafe is not responsible for any injuries while preparing the video.
  8. Do not discouraged if your video is not accepted by metacafe.

Keep trying and keep on trying to submit to many videos to Metacafe until to occupy place your video in metacafe

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