How to Host Multiple Websites on Your Hosting Account?

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There are many ways to host your website on different hosting websites. But if you have already a hosting account and you do not want to host another one hosting and you want to host many websites on your single hosting account then it is possible and here I will tell you that how can you do this.

For hosting multiple websites on your hosting account, there are three steps-

1. Add the Domain Name to your hosting account and select a folder for its website.

2. Upload the domain name’s website’s files into the folder you select.

3. Point the Domain Name’s DNS to your hosting account.

Ok, the above said are the basic three steps for hosting multiple websites to your single hosting account. Now I will tell you in detail about how to add the domain name, how to upload the files, how to point the domain names’s DNS etc.

How to Add the Domain Name to Your Hosting Account?

1. First of all you have to for login to your Account Manager.

2. Now You have to click on Web Hosting.

3. Here You have to select Launch Button.

Website Hosting

4. Now go to on Settings Menu.

5. Here You have to Select Hosted Domains.

6. Here Click on Add Domain.

7. In the Domain field, you have to enter the domain name you want to use.

8. In the Folder Field, you have to enter a New or existing folder.

9. Now You have to click on OK

How to Upload the Website to the Folder You Select?

1. You have to connect to your hosting account or you may use FTP File Manager.

2. Browse to the folder you selected in the Add the Domain Name Section.

3. Upload the files to that folder.

Note- If you just added the secondary domain name to your hosting account then it may take 24 to 48 hours to see the changes.

How to Point the Domain Name’s DNS to Your Hosting Account?

Here are two cases-

1. If the domain name you added and hosting are in the same customer account-

Then it automatically update the Domain name’s nameservers and the website starts in 24-48 hours.

2. If the domain name is in another customer account or if its registered elsewhere-

You have to update manually the name name’s nameservers and A(Host) Record.