How to Convert Multiple Currencies with Google?

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If you want to convert any currency in any master currency then you should use some currency calculators for this, but if you want to convert multiple currencies at once then it is hard to convert at a time.

But there is a solution of this problem. You can use Google’s Buit-in Calculator by which you can convert one or more currencies into a master currency on the latest available exchange rate.

What is Google Built-In Calculator?

Google Built-in Calculator is the calculator which can solve the complex maths equations and problems. It also provides the facility of perform measurement an currency conversions.

How Google Convert Multiple Currencies?

As we know that the Google built in Calculator is able to convert the currencies from one to other currency. But are you know that how it convert multiple currencies at a time?

Example- 1:

If you want to know that what is the exchange rate for ‘1 USD in JPY’ then you will receive quickly the conversion rate of that currency. or you want to the equivalent of 50 USD in JPY then it easily convert into YEN.

Example-2 :

Now if You want to convert multiple currencies then you have to enter multiple currencies to convert in JPY(YEN). If you want to change 50USD+120AUD+100 CNY into Japanise YEN then you will eaasily convert all currencies into Japanise YEN.




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